Important Competitions


So soon I'd like to start putting up monthly forum comps for everyone here to enjoy and to hopefully get a few more people here in the Corinth forums making it more interesting for everyone. However, I'd like to know what sort of comps everyone would like, and if anyone can think of any new comps we could start running, and rewards for these to. Of course it would be nice if we could hand out gold for every comp however we can't give out gold for every comp. Titles would also be nice however can anyone else think of any other prizes we could give(within reason)


everyone who participates in the competition, could send resources to the winner.
i understand that resources don't mean a lot , (at this stage of the game)...
but what else is there????


I think bp would be something people want most right now but how would someone get it for free without killing their own troops.
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