Compliment Thread


actual compliment here:

Whoever is behind the profile for Hug This i tip my hat to you. its quite amusing :)

kid kota

So I would like to compliment everyone that is merging together ;)
Job well done .. got to love the fact that some are scared and running for help from all the cuddly hugs .. hug this loves to hug .. true fear is scared of all the hugs .. no name.. well is just that a no name that shake in fear at the hugs .. and well .. hell hounds .. we are just sitting back in our little corner of hell laughing at the cute little bunny that is hug this .. running around hugging everyone .. got to love en114.

Sorry I'm bored :)


Kid Kota is right that this forum is a bit slow. I'll kick it off.

My complements to the ex-SDASU players. You guys fought like hell, and I think very highly of you.
Translation: "Shhhh. I'm recruiting you behind James' back. Its a secret. Now lets go hunt some wabbits!"

Oh and nice thread you got here. That's a compliment, right?


Must be nice being you lot rolling every1 over as you like-I am very happy for you to send some attacks my way as I need some BP
Is not so simple, as we just got proven to. To which, well done those that have been on the receiving end. But sometimes slaps of reality do happen and that's a great opportunity to get better... so if you believe we just do all we want on this server, you're wrong... And in this case, that's a good thing.