Compliment Thread


Complements to Bengi, who has got over 100k attacking battle points today with DaveA8 following close behind in 74k. Dang impressive is what it is.
if you multiplied my total fight points by four that still would not top off what Bengi got...

Well played...


Welp. I've lost a bet to @LadyC so here comes the forfeit. But, TBH this isn't much of a forfeit. Why? Because, all i have to do is write an essay about complimenting one of the best grep players I've had the pleasure of meeting.

I met LadyC in Leontini and it has been a continuous pleasure to work with her. I remember recommending her for council positions more than once and her turning them down for one reason or another. And i was always sad when she did because i knew that she would be a great leader and would help a lot. But, i was eternally grateful when she followed me into Pharae and stayed when so many others got fed up of the speed 1.

When we joined HH almost immediately LadyC stood out as a competent player and a great boon to HH. Her defensive play has played a part in holding more cities than i can count in both Leontini and Pharae. Furthermore, in Pharae she has kept on going even though she was wiped out by SdSu (thanks for that ;)). To me that ability to keep on playing and enjoying themselves even though it sometimes seems hopeless is an exceptional quality :D

When MD merged with HH (then Infernal Abyss) we again quickly short listed her for a council position and i remember her going something along the lines of: "okay sure. But, maybe it would be best if i had a period where we saw if i was active enough for the council?"

We agreed and months later LadyC is still one of the most active and effective Hell Hounds leaders.

I could go on about her amazing sense of humour, the brilliant way she adds to the discussion, the helpful PM's we've had and the way she reigns myself and Dozer when we get a bit crazy but that would be pointless. Because, if i went on for that long i would break the character limit multiple times over and i don't want Magick on my case ;)

To conclude LadyC is an exceptional person, player, leader and friend. I made this bet mostly because i knew that if i lost the forfeit would be easy. Saying nice things about someone so brilliant is easy :) Now if i had won the bet LadyC would have a much harder time.

I can't think of a good way to wrap it up so I'm just gonna end it here :)
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Very high praise, @1saaa. I thank you for your kind words. It would not be right for me to return compliments, because..... you lost ;) But it has to be said that I thoroughly enjoy playing alongside you. You are highly valued and appreciated.


Welcome to Hell Hounds where we make bets where the loser has to compliment the winner.

Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing tbh. At least it's interesting.


I would like to share my thoughts on the world as it is coming to an end :)

Yeah, the world was a complete disappointment from a competitive perspective. So, first of all, I would like to thank everyone who resisted Hugs and everyone who stayed around when TF left the server. I would especially like to compliment Nightmares of Elysium for staying around. They are an honourable group of players.

I sincerely compliment Hugs on their game play and conduct throughout the whole server. It was just remarkable really. I feel like you guys were in second gear 99% of the time and you could have easily lifted your game if anyone managed to actually put you under pressure. It got to a point where conquering one city from you felt like a huge victory. Sceptics would say a lot of things went your way. Your main competition, TF, were very weak. Oblivion ruined anyone's chances in O44. The defection of Nightmare's leaders etc etc. Honestly, I don't think any of that would have mattered massively in the long run. You were clearly better than every other alliance and when push comes to shove and only 60 players could win, it was always clear that your 60 or so would do it with ease. Your conduct on the externals was also generally very polite and it was great to have some discussions here throughout the server.

You taught us all a real lesson on how to play top notch Grepo. From our point of view, it was great to face such a brilliant opponent as I feel we have learned so much from our first world as an alliance because of how you played. For that, I thank and salute you :)

Finally, I would like to thank my own alliance for creating such an enjoyable atmosphere to play in. I would especially like to thank the Council. The dedication and ability they showed has the potential to win worlds, no doubt about it. We are already planning on joining a new world so hopefully this server can be the beginning of a long list of servers for us. Having joined Pharae a month late with no premade, second place seemed a long way off for IA stuck out in 34 and MAD DOGS who were struggling to survive in O44. Our subsequent merge was an unlikely one but it worked out brilliantly and we are now very good friends, along with players from Old Guard and Crusaders. We took every opportunity that came our way so second was probably the height of our potential. I'm glad we achieved that. I often felt that had we been in True Fear's position in terms of size and location before they left, things would have been more interesting.

Anyway, thank you all and I hope to see you all again soon! ;)


I guess its my turn now :D I joined this server on day one (last time i ever do that again) and its been a wild ride to be sure. I've learned a great deal as a player and a leader (experience which i will put into use later) but for me the best part has been the wonderful people I've met along the way.

To the people in hug this: you guys were the only alliance I've ever seen that kept there number one spot for the entire server. props for that and for doing it in a way that doesn't involve hugging/ mass merging. I know first hand that the vast majority of you are wonderful people and players. I look forward to all my future interactions with you guys in whatever form they may surface. Its been infuriatingly difficult to fight you lot (or in my case cheer from the sidelines ;)) for pretty much the entire server and if the rebuild times weren't so infuriating i may do it all over again. Its been refreshing to have an enemy i can respect which has also provided a formidable adversary.

To nightmares: in my first paper I interviewed a slew of rim teams and asked the question which one was most likely to make it to the endgame? Nightmares was the first team for me that came to mind. Despite a lot of bumps in the road you guys have surmounted the odds an played with honour throughout (which everyone in hounds can respect greatly). i hope to meet you again one day.

To hounds. Most merged teams like ours generally end up being a mess. But somehow we have defied odds and expectations rising up despite the sea of red to our east. But, that could have never happened if it weren't for dozer zigashi, hyperdarox, VVE, ladyC and many many others (I'm not listing all of you ;)). You and everyone else at hounds have been the best alliance I could have wished for :) thank you for making me playing grep a joyful experience (despite my cursed VM).

To the externals. I've loved and hated these forums. But, they could have been much worse. Thank you for all the constructive conversations that have happened amongst the toxicity. And I deeply apologise for when i was responsible for that toxicity.

This server is so love and hate (like all of grep) for me. But it's been a fun one despite all the mistakes I've made. Massive compliment to everyone who has stayed until the end especially the people that have new here from the start.

On a completely unrelated note the final paper will come out in the next few days along with interviews. It's gonna be an issue with tissues (can't remember the name of the guy who gave me this , sorry :() for certain ;)


So i guess this is my time to compliment, havent done so the whole server through.

I would like to compliment first and foremost our team here. Without these guys and girls not only would we not have won this server, but more importantly, this server would not had been anything near as fun. This is most likely one of the best teams Ray and I have had the pleasure of leading and i guess the results speak for themselves. Thank you for that Huggers :p

Also a big thank you to Hell Hounds for staying till the end of this dead server. You didnt win this server, but you won in the sense of creating a good team for the next one. Stick together and learn from server to server and one day you will be the victors. This game is not about gold or numbers, its about teamwork and relationships. Keep building on it and you will reach far :)

Also thanks for keeping the toxicity down ingame and on externals, Means alot for the community to keep pushing with top 12s, newspapers and PnPs.

Ray is getting ready to post a message from us, as soon as hes done fixing his sign. (Apparently the backround colors of the forum screen does not go well with his sign color :rolleyes:)

That guy is crazy, but you gotta love em... :cool:


Compliments to the other Hell Hounds for their ability to deal with my bullshit and hard carry my dumbass through this world while I shake off years of rust trying to be a part of a functionally dysfunctional (in the best way) council.

In all seriousness, Vlad really does a good job keeping our crazy in line. Y'all are fun.

Of course compliments to Hugs for playing a great game, and the leadership there for having a great team. People will talk about stacked premades but shouldn't forget the amount of work it takes to build and keep a group like that together.

Everything else was pretty much covered in my other post, but I'm currently procrastinating other responsibilities (read sleeping) so pardon me while I have indulged myself in posting.


I take my hat off to Hugs. You guys fought well and displayed excellent teamwork. I admire your stance on winning it as a single, strong team, especially after witnessing the cartel in Leontini. Well done in achieving that. That is Grepolis at it’s best! Thank you also for all the BP ;)

Next I’d like to compliment 1saaa and Dozer. We came together from Leontini and landed in a war zone. It’s through 1saaa’s good analysis of our options and diplomatic relations that we ended up with Vlad’s gang. Good on both of you sticking it out through that dip where we were getting attacked by almost every big alliance in our area. We made it! And Dozer: Absolute Snipe Master!!

Next I’d like to compliment Vlad for being an excellent leader. Always a cool head and a great skill for mediating conversations on the council when we are making decisions. You will get us far!

Sincere compliments to Hyperadox for stepping in and taking up the reigns with confidence when Vlad’s vm didn’t end and we were all a bit here and there and turning into a mess. You restored some order.... as much as can be restored with Dozer on the council ;)

The whole of HH council: You guys are fun, fun, FUN!!!!! Love sharing it with you.

Well done to HH on your excellent defence. And reaching second.

ACP: good pulling together after you were dumped. You’ve done well to get 3rd

NoE: Well done for sticking it out. I admire your tenacity and your loyalty.


HH You should all be very proud of what you achieved. You stand for everything thats great about grepolis... a great team spirit and never say die attitude. NoE I never really knew you all but thanks to you and everyone else who stuck this server out to the end.

I joined this server on what became the "core SDSU island" when it was a few hours old knowing no one here. A lot of twists and turns, some more unexpected than others! Had some great battles and met a lot of great ppl along the way. Thanks to all, been a lot of fun.

MasterChief Jr.

Ok, a bit late to the party but i thought i be my turn complimenting but first you all probably wondering who this is so a little introduction to me.
I have played a few worlds very long but taken breaks from game. I returned in En85 built 7 wonders but didn't win as came 3rd, EnMesembria and then took a couple years break.There is more but don't want to overdo or get somethings wrong. Then 200 days ago i came back to EN114 which was well under way.
I joined Old Guard, along the way proving myself the founders gave me the opportunity of leadership which i took, OG took on Wolves and Crusaders who where bigger then us. The founders left and all that was left was my good friend TigerSiren (first compliment).She decided to take over and hold us together and we grew even stronger.Eventually I negotiated a deal with Hounds that brought us together to achieve 2nd place (That is a achievement in my eyes due to my start and OG).

So that me, Now time for the compliments:

1. TigerSiren,LawWolf and stormspear (and rest of the OG lot) Thank you for being my friends from the start and re teaching/mentoring me to become a good player again (though some may say otherwise but i know i still not the best and room from improvement). Without you Tiger i don't what or where i would be now.

2. Hugs,the winners of the world and one of the strongest teams i have ever seen. Even though we only fought for a couple months it has been fun and has helped develop me into a better player. It was also interesting watching from O53 you slowly taking over the world and building that dominate force. So well done Ray and Thizzle on building a legacy and happy retirement and all the best.

3. Nightmares leaders (Ombika ,Beaumont and CATZEN3740) Thank you for being Honorable, loyal and a good fight till the end, I hope one day you can join us in another world to win together as honestly very good players(if you want). You should be very proud Cat with the team of leaders you have since you held it together with the changes.

4. To my fellow Hounds council members; Vlad,Hyper, Dozer, Lady, 1saaa and the rest. Thank you for making the last few months very fun and enjoyable in a slow world we have built a strong team which has the potential to win in the future. Vlad for bringing me in hounds, Hyper for welcoming me with open arms, Dozer for the excellent planning and well 1saaa for running Pesky Puppies(our academy) and the newspapers which always a good read. Overall thank you council for the best time in discord and in-game with all the humor and generally making it one of the best times i had on Grep (it not over) and a place where we can just talk. I cant wait for our next world that we jump into as we only improve.

5.Last thank you Hell Hounds for being a solid team and being a solid defense. As i said above i cant wait to jump in again with you lot and well done on our 2nd Place.

P.S sorry for the long post but it was necessary for all these good players

Thank you