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Recruitment is now closed!

Will be joining the new world to have some fun and teach some noobs.

Three requirements, activity, teamwork, and most importantly, you better love fun.

We will not get involved in politics or diplomacy. Ain't nobody got time for that.

(this is a noob in training)

(this is all my followers worshipping I, iMrConfetti)

(this is us, rolling over all the keen premades in the core)


Since a number of people have expressed interest in joining Confetti I thought I'd add a bit more detail. The following are guidelines as to what I would like to alliance to be like, nothing is set in stone, if we want to change something we will. It'll be a bit different to your typical alliance.


We will keep ourselves small, never more than 30 players. I find it more fun playing with a smaller, closely knit group.
The alliance will be a mix of vets and newer players. Maybe 50:50, maybe more vets than noobs. My reasoning behind this is simply that Grepolis is a hard game to get into unless you can get yourself into a good alliance - I want to give new players the chance to learn the game without getting rimmed straight out of BP. Don't get me wrong, simmers are not welcome and all players are expected to be active and happy to be part of a team.

Leadership Structure

To be decided for the most part although I've been thinking about being mainly democratic in our decision making, i.e. every member gets a chance to discuss their thoughts. And given there won't be much diplomacy to be done (see below), a democracy could work out. There will be a a group of founders who oversee activity, internals and the general day to day running of the alliance etc.
If we decide that we want the alliance to be run by a council then that's an option too!


We will not get involved in World politics. If we are to make an agreement it will always be short term, i.e. provide defensive support to an alliance that is getting hit hard by a bigger one. Agreements will always be beneficial to us and we will never be bullied by a larger alliance. No pacts.


We will be an aggressive alliance, always taking the fight to the enemy. Not afraid to stand up to the big boys in the core. Yes, this may be difficult whilst teaching new players at the same time but they'll soon learn haha.


The plan at the moment is to drop on the first day of the world anywhere, gold trade for a couple of weeks and then restart in whatever direction suits us. That's when we'll drop together and get going.

Attack alarm and Skype/Discord are preferred.

So, I'm looking for players who are happy with the above, if you want a serious alliance then this probably isn't the one for you.

Drop me a message on the forum or in game (you can find me in Istros) if you're interested and I'll add you to a Skype group I'll set up.

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I will be posting a more detailed description of what I’d like this alliance to shape up to be later this evening.

It may not be everybody’s cup of tea but I’m bored of your bog standard premade that goes in and annihilates the competition leading to a dead world (look at Istros for example).

Watch this space! :)


If you are interested in joining, drop me a PM and I'll either add you on skype or drop you an invite link to discord