Proposal Configure Hotkeys



Create a settings panel where we can configure existing hotkeys. Perhaps allow hotkeys to be set for more actions than the existing ones.

I also suggest a feature where you can import settings between worlds (or by default have your settings copied over from your last world when you start a new one). This would save time for many at the start of worlds and also allow players to share the settings they use with each other.

Current hotkeys:

Left/Right : switch city
Up/Down : change values in troop/trade textboxes.
Space : jump to city
Esc : close focused window. Also switches to island view.

(and a few others I might've missed)


Having settings so users can configure a game to their liking is always good and has no drawbacks. This proposal would make it easier for Devs to introduce other hotkeys in future if they want. I think this would be a good feature for the game - clicking for everything is tedious. I understand why the Devs might be wary of introducing hotkeys for certain actions, but at the same time, I think there are still quite a lot of actions there should be no problems with introducing hotkeys for.

There already exists hotkeys for various things from Quack tools (now imported into the new DIO), but this is a 3rd party script (and unlikely to be updated much).


I also have an issue with how Esc behaves atm. I don't think it should switch to island view as well as closing the window. That is very irritating for me a lot of the time when I just want to close the window. imo there should be 2 different hotkeys for these 2 actions, or just remove the switching to island view.
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