Congratulations POC


Well guys, you were first to 4 wonders, and now you've built all 7. We gave it a shot, but didn't quite manage to spoil your party. Well done POC. I know Valerio will be one happy bunny ;)


Congrats. Not just for finishing the 7th wonder, but for FINALLY giving me an excuse to post in the forums again. Haven't been here in months. You'd think beta were already dead.


Knew this would happen when we teamed up on Ascension and ruined their wonders back yonder. Shame we couldn't backhand you and end up on the finishing straight but then again I got bored way before. Well done I guess, can't say I'm happy for you, that's not the spirit :p.


Congrats to US, although I have some apprehension that concluding the race for world wonders might mean players will now begin retiring...we had quite a number call it quits once we got the 1st 4 of them.....


Z Grade

Congrats to getting the 7 wonders, even though getting there meant the destruction of the PoC I once knew. :(