Congratulations to The Dukes


I would like to tip my hat to the dukes, they have played the game well, tactically and very well executed, I see know way back for anyone now

Congratulations you guys have done well.

This is my way of saying the world is over for me, it has been a great world lots of wars, and a lot of fun

hopefully may see some of you in other worlds

good luck and best wishes

I do think the best alliance won in the end (hurts to say but it is true) :(


Thanks for the congrats. We're not in the winner's circle yet.

Good luck with your other alliance.

Who knows, maybe one day we would be on the same team - there's a scary thought. :)

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lol, mind games :) only joking

it would be a pleasure to play with you erato ;) in fact I think I would love to join an alliance with most of the players from Nu there are some excellent characters.

I have learnt a lot, and will use what I have learnt in future worlds