Conquest Time Too Long!


World Speed is 3.14 ... conquest time should be approx. 7hrs 40min ... but this is my 2nd city conquest that it is taking exactly 12 hours (world speed of 2 time frame) ... even with Democracy research (neither city had this, btw) this should only be about 8.5 hrs ... What gives??


it gives phears and danny their 3 and a half hours extra to make up some sh!t and post here. at the end of the day a seige will be done and dusted in the first 5 hours one way or another anyway, only thing to be done in remaining 7 hours is find your next target.

Dave Y

Would be great to have a 6-8 hours siege time :) Like weebs said, a siege attmpt is really over within a fe fact you will pretty much know if the siege will survive in the first couple of hours.


It's down to the unit speed not the world speed i believe, Sigma has speed 3 so slower than Pi but has a unit speed of 3 or 4 i think and so the sieges only last 8 hours.


Pi Settings
World Speed: 3.14 (π)
Unit Speed: 1.57 (π/2)
Alliance limit: 103.14 (100 + π)
Beginners protection: 4 days
Conquer method: Conquest
Morale: Active
Opening Date: 22nd March 2011

Those are the posted settings for Pi. What I have found, playing on multiple servers with multiple settings, is that 12 hours, aside from the democracy tech, is standard. I believe it used to vary, but from my experience, 12 hours is now standard.


Farg is correct :D

I believe they changed it because they wanted to at least give people a chance to react. With 8 hour conquest times you could be conquered overnight without ever knowing about it.


I wouldn't know, it's been like this for quite some time already. It might be in one of the patch notes.


no 12 hours is good for siege in pi;)
and maybe TIEN(the power of pi)hhhhhhhh lol
have chance to break eddy siege next time;)
i was think about making it 15 and maybe TIEn will have better chance to break it hane:rolleyes:
no no they donot even have enough LS so no worry;)
it will be only waste of time;)