Construction Cost Reduction and Inventory


Two new features are coming your way with the next big update of the game: the Construction Cost Reduction and the Inventory. We will explain what these features are about in more detail here.

Construction Cost Reduction

This is a new premium option that lets you build or upgrade buildings without having to pay all required resource costs. This feature is available in your quick construction city overview, building overview (premium), and of course, the building overview of your senate.

This feature has a lot of advantages. You are in a hurry and cannot afford to wait for your resources to fill up? You have enough resources but want to use some of them for something else? Then the Construction Cost Reduction is the feature you want to use.

Every time you use this option to construct or upgrade a building, you will need to pay 50 gold. You will then construct or upgrade your building with 25% fewer resources than actually needed. This also allows you to construct or upgrade buildings without having enough resources in your storage.


In order to upgrade your cave to level 7 you need 2986 wood, 3200 rock, and 4549 silver, but you only have 2870 rock. You cannot upgrade your cave because of insufficient resources; however, you can choose to use the Construction Cost Reduction to save 25% of your resources, making the upgrade of your cave available, because with this you will only need 2239 wood, 2400 rock, and 3411 silver.

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The inventory is a place where you can store special items and rewards to be used in your game whenever you like. The inventory is always accessible for each of your world accounts. Whenever you get a reward or buy an item in an event store, you can either use it instantly or oftentimes choose to store it in your inventory (if your inventory is full, you will be notified).

The inventory has a maximum of 10 slots, 5 of which are active from the start. You can buy additional slots (but no more than a maximum of 10) by spending 50 gold per slot.

Slots that are occupied by stored items have a mouse-over tooltip that describe the item contained within. By clicking on an item, you can choose to use or delete the item in an instant. Spells activated this way will be cast on your currently activated city if possible.

The inventory will open up new possibilities for you to choose at which point in time you want to use specific items you have been granted as reward or bought in an event shop. The inventory will be available around Easter, so you can already use it for Easter shop purchases. However, in the near future you will be able to stash your hard earned Island Quest rewards and the upcoming brand-new daily rewards in your inventory.

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