conveniant truths

Zero Point

Have you ever noticed how many people are prepared to down right lie to themselves and believe any contemptuous spin they can make up to escuse there selfish actions.

some people will lie and cheat and do whatever they want and in there warped minds they find ways to justify this

personaly I feel that lieing to others is just lies but lieing to yourself is delutional

As for cheating im not sure id want a player in my alliance who has openly cheated on this server for there own gain. as cheats detract from the the win, if you have to cheat to win have you won or have you cheated. worth considering if you run a top alliance that could possibly win do you want to be tared with that brush!

(hope this does not break forum rules)

but I seriously don't think cheats should prosper and I feel that though names have not been metioned most intelligent players will know who this refers to .

paladin knight

Self-righteousness is as filthy rags.

People usually lie to save another's feelings, to get away from punishment for a wrong-doing, or to gain through trickery. Some woman asked me the other day if I thought that she looked pregnant. I asked "Are you trying to set a trap for me?" So, I told her, "Yes, you do look pregnant". She happened to not be, but I told her the truth as others thought that telling the truth is foolish. Though my judgment was wrong, what I perceived as truth I spoke. See, none of us are necessarily free from looking at one who believes a truth to see that the person lives a lie, but what if you are blind? While I may know the truth, I can and will still err. So what can remain but to look to the Most High and ask forgiveness and forgive others their transgressions? Between pride and humbleness, we ought to choose to be humble, but pride feels good for a season. What lie might you be living, that you cover up by justifying? Sin?
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Zero i happen to agree wholeheartedly with you on that ergo my previous rants in other posts aim at (He who shall not be named lol) individuals.

The players who play an unmeasurable amount of hours on this game trying their hardest spying, plotting, scheming and attacking time and time again etc and then players come along with no regard for the time it takes to prove your worth by merely "CHEATING" in whichever way they can for that moment of so called worthiness they feel.

But you are right sir, in a normal mind this would be a temporary victory of the mind as these individuals cannot sustain the feeling they get overcome with shame and guilt of having not earned this so alas, fear not their victories etc will be short lived as the truth will out on whomever you mean and they will be marched out of the game and forums with their heads down for once again you are right, No alliance should allow such individuals in their alliance.

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+1 To you zero