Count to 150 before a mad... erm i meant mod posts

Silver Witch

11 for a poem to brighten the day

I will write one for this thread to show you the way.

ok so...............
One for Baudlin
Two for Fig
Three for a Magick Witch dancing a Jig.

Four for the Pyramid,
Five for Zeus,
Six for the Gardens where flowers hang loose,

Seven for The Temple,
Eight for Tomb,
Nine for The Lighthouse to guide sailors home.

Ten the Colossus ,
Eleven for fame,
Twelve for the players who join in the game.

Thirteen for a Silver Witch
Fourteen for Deus
Fifteen for the Wise One Bearissimus

Sixteen for Mac9
Seventeen for Dizzyjoe
Eighteen for Doodchan the best timer I know.

Nineteen for Snibor
Twenty for Cap
Twenty one for Kuriants who showed us this rap.

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