Count to 150 before a mad... erm i meant mod posts

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Dude, think about this. I am a Fiasco United top member, we have been playing in the Russian server for the last 6 months. We just won the world there in which we won all 7 wonders. May I add, you have never won WW according to your profile. I started this world less than a month ago and I'm still way bigger than you. I have connections at every turn in Grepolis since I have been playing this game for over 10 Years. Do you really think you have a chance? Do you have something to say? I'm sure you do, but it will be laughable. I've seen you many times that last few years and you have always been on the losing side. Tell me, what is you weak sauce minimal skilled grepolis player trying to do here? Do you think re-naming your city to going to make a difference? Please. If I could imagine what you look like, it would be of a baby with a pacifier. Until you are ready to involve the entire alliance to help you so I can get a ton of BP, you are an absolute zero. Go away little fly.

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people like you ruin this game.... its sad...people with no life..op the same people twicw a week for 6 weeks straight for 20 30 hours straight each op cuz they live at home in mammas basement using daddy's credit card to play a game..yes a game...u guys ruin what use to be s fun game a loooonng time ago...get a life..a girlfriend..a family..move our of mammas basement finally and get out into the world... You know..i find it a compliment that yall are copying and pasting my profile to the forum..u prove my point of having no sit here and read everyones profile..then to take the time to put into a external forum that im not even registered wow u prove my point over and over and over again..guess u need something to do in between oping people for 30 hours straight and mammas daily's "special" time with just you and her lol You know what the externals are for talk...not to talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk....see where im going with this...just talk..never act..just background noize that fades out when no one listens..whats there to listen to when no ones listening.... ...criket criket Is funny as well..couple spells and mac man crys like a lil girl to his me help me..hes picking on me lmao


Hey man i dont knew why am i in Internals, could you get me out of there. I was sleeping like 6h and my citys were clear becouse i hide my troops at nighgt. I was attacked by one player on one city, the player is maxus12. We attack each other. And then alliance players started attacking me. And i woke up and saw this **** so could you help me. Raver



Last I harbir check you and see 300 ls well I kill them. If I see 200 trireme more than likely I dont which gives you more sleep or time Yes you get better ratios for bp and resources by specializing with bi or ls but that is all you get and at our stage of the game we dont care about bp or resources we care about the damage we can cause, the cities we can take and the ability to maximize what we can do If you want ls or bi I would suggest 2 or 3 cities and that is only because you ha e the hero otherwise you are much much better off with trireme and anyone who will tell you otherwise honestly is using gold or ain't worth ****... respectfully

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Guys, folks, buddies....

Some of you maybe play this game first time. We have many less experience here and we are not aggressive as TF. However, this game is not about taking cities. We can keep fighting with TF in front line, and moving back even to Ocean 43. They can't destroy us if we keep growing up anyway.

For some of you who don't know how to win this world. We need to complete 7 world wonders to win this world. This is main purpose. So losing cities is not a problem again. We can build WW in wherever we're located. None alliance able to win 7 wonders at once. We still have big chance to win if we complete at least 1 wonder.

TF used dirty trick such as spies, multi accounts, spam... however, they can't stop us growing up.
So don't give up. You can do your best, and we will fight against them until the end.
I know everything about you. I know especially that your weaksauce friend itsbeenawhile got banned. But since you are his friend and helping him I want to give you advance notice that i'm coming for you.
Call all your friends because you will need it, get all your defenses set up. Your friend didn't think things out but if he runs to ban I hope you are ready.
I don't think you will be since your experience is so miniscule. You can say what you will about Triresiesesm but I use them as hybrid for defense and offense. not necessarly use them for offense.
So there you go, I just gave you a tip for free.

Oh what a shame. I'm so glad your like are not part of my team.
This is fun, are you having fun yet?
You should have never started with your weaksauce landlocks.
Didn't you see how long I've been playing, didn't you see my credentials??
I'm sorry but you are a disgrace to this game.

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itsbeenawhile on 2022-04-21 at 23:11 Like i said ur absolutely pathetic. You get boosted by friendly units being killed then wanna attempt to talk crap haha shows ur pathetic reality of wanting to be noticed. Trust me..eveyone even ur own alliance knows how pathetic you are in rl. Let alone in game..where u try to be the big bad wolf when in reality your gumpy from the smurfs the lil pigs who run squealing when lil baby dosnt get his