Crybabies and Simmers


Every post on here recently has been about spam... im getting tired of everyone and their complaining.... you crying to your enemy aint gonna stop the spam... This game is survival of the fittest.. WE DO NOT PITY THE WEAK nor do we show mercy. All the time you waste here typing and crying cause your mangina hurts you can be spending either spamming back or taking cities...

If we are being honest not a single person on this forum cares if you are being spammed so im gonna start tallying up everyone crying about spam add a 0 to the number then x by 10 and thats how many attacks I will be sending your way.

If you cant hang with the spam then quit this game and go play farmville. So u wussys better start drying them tears cause you will not get mercy and go fight someone instead of crying like a lil b

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