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For the past days, as you've heard, there have been a non-stop action in the rim. Two alliances battled for the dominance in the o52. Namely, Rogue and 5 Knuckle Philosophy. As a 5KP member, I know almost all of us are being attacked by Rogue's member repeatedly. Here are some of their attacks

This is the best one... ;)

A CS from angry eddy got through our barriers...

Unfortunately, Abhilash also want to try...


Thank you for Reading!

Please Excuse my poor grammar
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Got to love the partial postings.

I can't speak for everybody else's attacks that you listed but I can speak to the one where it appears like I had 14 bimere's defending a seige.

You neglected to post the 7 attacks made up of 712 LS that hit before the attack you posted and that the city had been in siege for 7 hours when you finally got through and broke the siege. You also neglected to show who owns the city now. I took it less than 24 hours later.

:pro: not, This is just a forum where anybody can post anything even if it is lies and half truths.

Have a nice day.


Thats why its supposed to be just for fun. Anyone can post lies or post impartial reports/attacks, etc etc...

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