Current events & WW race discussion


We never should have stayed allied with Barbarians and NDO would have helped a lot more if we'd turned on Barbs - which was the logical and intelligent move but was impeded by, you guessed it, personal relationship issues.
Clueless, please explain your reasoning as am i baffled as to how this would have stopped NI winning.


King Arthur: Cut down a tree with a herring? It can't be done.
[the Knights of Ni scream and cover their ears]
Knight 1: Don't say that word!
King Arthur: What word?
Knight 1: I cannot tell! Suffice to say, is one of the words the Knights of Ni cannot hear!
King Arthur: How can we not say the word if you don't tell us what it is?
[the Knights of Ni scream again]
Knight 1: He said it again!
King Arthur: What,"is"?
Knight 1: No, no, not "is". Wouldn't get very far in life not saying "is".
thats was all that had to be done to defeat NI. silly Englishmen


This free instant build stuff is just encouraging gold heavy gold users. I know Inno wants to make money but don't kill your game over more cash.

One would think that with all the old timers complaining about the evolution of the game that Inno would pay a little bit of attention to some of the issues the playing community have mentioned.... anything for a buck but in the end, it will kill the game imho.


im def no old timer in the game but i have gold, i use it for premiums, i don't build with it, i don't use it in the quest challanges, with gods and spells you shouldn't need it that much


I agree... it's just a money making thing and it will end up screwing the game more than making Inno money because all the players that do use gold for premiums but refuse to do so for troops will end up saying the hell with this and quit the game. You'll have a 40-50 people spending a lot of money but losing the revenue of all that play it with just the premiums.