Current War Scores


It will get to wonders, 300 active players are needed and it will get there,

I am leaving as well, I had lost interest in this world a long time ago, it has even made me end all my other worlds so it is a complete grepo break for me, I have enjoyed talking to a lot of people to many to name on here, there has been some very friendly people
it did need an alliance like NF to stay around a bit longer, only 4 alliances for 12 months is not good enough for a world

I would like to say as well, we was out smarted, out played, and out gunned congratulations to the winners elect (no names yet) :)


Yeah, well done guys and girls, after being warned numerous times and being told constantly it finally looks as though the world is gonna come to a premature end. But heck, what do i know, you guys know best. The world couldn't take the three on one war, the wolves are the only alliance who has really profited from this exercise.

Players are considering ghosting here, well done, you all deserve a merit


Graeme your attacks will be missed.. But can understand why your goin..

Enjoy RL and may see you again sometime down the line you miss everyone..!


Anyone bored, twiddling their fingers doing nothing fancy banging up the scores of the new war? I can't be bothered to look..... Make it look nice on your post as well, i don't wanna see nothing shabby.


Very interesting......


Cat out of a bag..... Soon to be followed by a rabbit out of a hat.

Back to my riddles lol


Someone asked for an update about what is occurring on the server. This the info i think i know. I might be mistaken.

ME and DW took in most of the players when LOM disbanded. Right now ME has more players than any other alliance but is ranked 2 in server.
Recently APA declared war on ME. So now ME is facing both DW and APA.

The current score between DW and ME is: yes i know exciting, don't poop yourself.

20 to 4

Don't know APA score.

That would conclude the drama that is idalium