Curtain Call - Fast Conquest - Premade


Curtain Call


either the next, or the one after the next of...
High Speed, No Morale, Conquest

What Im Looking for in Players

- Men: the ability to act like a man and not cry when i tell you to do something

- Both: Awesome Personality

Alliance Rules
1. Dont Ruin My Fun
2. If You Need Help Ask
3. If you can help...Do

Alliance Priorities
- We will not be building any World Wonders
- We will not partake in any diplomacy
- We will not be spammers
- We will ravage all who are near us

A Bit About Me
Many know me as the big bad. or thebigbad. some know me as Captain Incognito. And others know we as formerllytbb. One thing that has maintained consistent through my names and servers is that im am the most gangster, top tier, grepo god alive. your all 20% better players just by reading my thoughts. I dont need the most ruthless lineup of killers ever. im sick of egos and drama. I have a big ego myself, and im the grepo god. so if i can keep mine in check there is no need for yours with half the ability to back it up. I want fun cool people to play with and joke around with on skype. We will have enough killers just by the fact that im playing. so if your a cool person from my past and want to do the thing again hit me up.

My Resume
Leader of Zombies on en Calydon
Founder of Lacking Sanity on en Thebes
Founder of He-Man Woman Haters on en Cythera
Leader/Founder of EnVenom on en Taras
Leader/Founder of Zero Fox Given on en Lato

- Formerlytbb
- The Big Bad
- nick1
- Phi
- Fruktnapp
- Echo
- ValkrieofValhalla
-Dizzlejoe (maybe)
- AdamtheRuthless
- John Erin
- Gotham Soldier
- digital mystik (100% in)
- Panzerfaust
- Darth Wookie
- Alloydinius
- Femme Fatality
- jbapu
- Buckie
- Blondie
- darkwraith
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Looks good to me! any chance of me signing up, I promise only to cry when you don't tell us to do something, or if i have noone to send troops at...


Pretty sure my woman signed me up, yeah its go time for us two for another world. I will try to be half as manly as valk is.


Jacoblilje also known as the god of grepo and the master of the grepoverse. Proffesional grepo player known to destroy anything in my way. I want to win ww and to start spam wars. If u are interessted please contact my girlfriend dizzijoe for a quick answer. Just know that the enemies will always tremble when my name is in the list of a ally.

With hateful regards. Jacob "the grepomaster, winner of all worlds and destroyer of allys
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