Curtain Call - Fast Conquest - Premade


Why is a noob like adam invited

because i’m a friendly noob, this is still happening. just lurking and waiting :)


I'm pretty sure it won't happen
Most of these players are big gold players and morale would mean they can lose cities even when golding out of their behind
Actually, I recognize a few as some of those "I never lost a city" players, they defo wouldn't want to lose one because they can't break it :D
No morale worlds are not likely to happen any time soon, but if it does I'll be there with some buddies to see if these guys hold up on their "reputation" :p
You talk a big game but I've never heard of you...

Mojo, pictures on the way


You talk a big game but I've never heard of you...

Mojo, pictures on the way
I started playing after you quit
Was in Carphi but that was my first world so I didn't do much until ww era

Just talking out of experience from being on the side of some of these "superstar" players
Alliance is losing city after city but at the end of the world the "best" ones are bragging about the amount of myth tokens left in their extended inventory from halfway in the server, just something I honestly don't get.
Only reason I can think of is that they save them to save their own hide, which is where that came from because people are afraid to cs them due to the amount of myths they suddenly have when it's their own city. Add a low morale cs into that and it's a whole different situation :)
That's one of the reasons I like BZC as a team (though I ain't too keen on the players), they will almost never just let go of cities