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The Comp
Hi there folks,
As you will most likely have inferred, this competition will be held on a monthly basis to celebrate the great contribution you, our community, provide.
  1. Users will nominate up to three people and provide posts from the appropriate month as evidence/reasoning. These posts must come from this world section.
    Nominations that do not include posts as evidence will not be counted.
  2. A player needs 3 nominations to be submitted in to the poll.
  3. Nominations will be submitted in this thread and will last a total of 7 days.
  4. Once the 7 days are up, the users with 3 or more nominations will be entered in to public poll. Voting will last for 5 days.
  5. Users are unable to win consecutive months. A 1 month exclusion will apply to winners, for example: Person A wins POTM for May and is exempt from the POTM June competition. If a person wins multiple months, the most recent title will show.
  6. Campaigning of any kind is forbidden.
  7. Please do not nominate a moderator.

The reward:
The winner of the poll will receive:
300 Reputation Points
The Snazzy December PotM Title:

Competition Schedule:

Nominations Open: 13/01/2014
Voting Begins: 20/01/2014
Result Announcement: 25/01/2014
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I nominate:

Kudiwa - Helping to encourage other members to create threads and take part in their world forum sections. Great work!

Noz The Greek - I've really enjoyed watching your attitude on the forums! You seem to be an awesome person and really add an aspect to your worlds forums! Keep it going!


alright guys i don't mean to brag or anything but i did manage to get rimmed from the rim in under a week of playing, just saying there's not many others that could do that....

edit:thought this was player of the month oh well i will wait....


Come on guys, get your nominations in!
This forum is buzzing, its time to recognise the people who make this forum what it is. :)


Most of the good posts have been removed by mods, can we do this based on the humor of the posts or just being good :rolleyes:


Tyrone Black for making hilarious and clever post on a regular basis. He is honestly one of the only reasons I still look at this forum from time to time.


Most of the good posts have been removed by mods, can we do this based on the humor of the posts or just being good :rolleyes:
The posters that you feel bring the most to this forum.
Not necessarily by doing good top 12s, humour in posts is always good.


Due to a lack of nominations, we've decided to change the rules a little and let anyone nominated eligible for the vote.
Noz the Greek
Tyrone Black
Mathchew90 are all eligible to win.

For those that didn't decide to nominate, let us know why by posting below or if you prefer to remain anonymous private messaging me. I won't judge you for your reasons, we're just interested in making sure competitions are beneficial to all.


idk brah, but i get slapped for saying that word.

ps. i voted for *coughs* the best guy *coughs*
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