Newspaper Cythera Star: Issue #4


Cythera Star: Issue #4​

Alliance Profiles​

For this I picked 3 alliances at random in the top 12 and I will be doing a full profile on them including stats and opinions.

The Noobs Rank #3
ABP Rank: 4
ABP Per Member: 3,180
Average Points: 22,200
Members: 100
Conquers against: 5
Conquers total (for and against): 144
Ranking of top ABP player: 1
Ranking of top Points player: 13

My Opinion: The Noobs started out as a small group of experienced player in O44, but than they started to grow, and grow and then Eclipse merged into them and now they are #3 in the world. They are currently at war with Bunch of Trolls and they are winning 15-3 against them. I predict this alliance will go very far in this world.
My ranking (out of 100%): 93%

ABP rank: 5
ABP Per Member: 3,100
Average Points: 14,700
Members: 99
Conquers against: 0
Conquers total: 216
Ranking of top ABP player: 16
Ranking of top Points player: 20

My Opinion: OCEANS VETERANS seem like a decent alliance, they have no conquests against but they are on the Rim so they have no major alliances too fight. This is still a plus though. It is hard to predict a Rim alliances future but in my opinion it looks good for them.
My ranking (out of 100%): 86%

** Black Flag ** Rank #9
ABP Rank: 9
Average Points: 14,500
ABP per member: 3,050
Members: 74

Conquers against: 33
Conquers total: 176

Miscellaneous stats
Ranking of top ABP player: 2
Ranking of top Points player: 12

My Opinion: This alliance seems like a good alliance but it is in the wrong place, being hit hard by Moderated Nation and Infectious, arguable the two strongest alliances on the server. This alliance however has not given up and they are still standing strong which definitely says something about their determination. Will this alliance be one of those alliances you just can't get rid of?
My ranking (out of 100%): 78%

My Ranking Legend
95%-100%=Excellent alliance almost flawless
85%-94%=Very good alliance, has few flaws
70%-84%=Good alliance, could improve a bit though
60%-69%=Okay alliance, needs improvement
50-59%=Bad alliance needs to rethink more than a few things
49% and below=Terrible alliance, never should have been made

Do you have any comment about Project Misery Business's collapse?

Yeah; it was bound to happen. Just happened a lot sooner then I expected.

Now that PMB is out what alliance is your main target?

He-Man Woman Haters AKA Lacking Sanity

Your alliance has grown extremely large in the last week and have surpassed Moderated Nation by almost a million points. What is the reason for this growth?

The primary reasons I would say are a strong core of players who are more team oriented then other alliances. Being at constant wars with other top alliances vs feeding on noobs, as this generates more CP. Also the recent addition of some former PMB players has bumped our point totals up. Internalizing weak links to make room for more dedicated players.

How did the merge with Eclipse happen?

A scenario was being planned for a while and was in me and rumple's heads for even longer. We were NAP'd sharing reservations and with a shared forum tab so sometimes i like to think nothing's changed much from the arragenment there was before only now people are more willing to lose their troops for others since now it's the same alliance rather than a pact with 1 tab right at the end of your forum page.

Of course from The nooblets point of view when you start seeing infectious sending support to trolls sieges -really they couldn't think of a better ally or they knew any proper alliance with a leader smarter than a fifth grader would know that any pact they make is simply to grant them easy access into the ocean after which you become their food- one must start being realistic about the capabilities of a 30 man alliance coming up against ... 170-200 players.

What alliance is your current main target?

To keep growing and mainly to recruit all the bunch of troll cities into our alliance without their pathetic players attached to them. World is constantly changing i'm not sure what kind of disease infested enemy might come up in the short future and start bullying us. Tbh our goal short term should be to become smooth asap after this merger - yes mergers make things messy i'm not the kind to lie and say we're the perfect alliance just yet there are things that need to be done and the faster we do them the better-. Goal long term is survival I guess.

Why do you think PMB collapsed?

I'd assume pressure from infectious was a reason, i don't know too many people who were in the alliance but i know some and heard from a few. Anyway I won't know answers as to why they quit and I don't read the sad sob stories coming from both infectious and PMB players on the forum but really anyone who says alliances fall because of poor leadership is wrong IMO. A good alliance runs smoothly without the need of it's leaders, a good alliance needs general infrequent new direction plans from the leader and good organized forum cleaners but thats it. If a leader needs to babysit the alliance it means the alliance is already falling apart and no matter how good the leader is the alliance can easily fail when that point is reached.

You have targeting Dark Angels, how has it been going?

We have not really targeted anybody at this point of the game. To my knowledge apart from border scuffling with their "Harpy Nuke Massive". We have not entered into any significant conflict with them.

Being in a core ocean 55 has defense been hard?

Well not yet, but it will be

You started off as a small group of players and now you are a top ranked well established alliance, how did this happen?

Ask us this question again in three months. Then maybe we will be able to give you a credible
answer to it. In the interim .. Lets just say that we will be around to answer it at that time.

-Grepolis essentially means Greek City, Polis is Greek for city and the Gre prefix means Greek (I assume)
-The maximum points one city can have is 13,716
-The Maximum wall you can have is 26...Think about it (;

Hope you guys like it :)
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Now that PMB is out what alliance is your main target?

He-Man Woman Haters AKA Lacking Sanity
About time a worthy opponent showed up. It's been getting boring fighting literally every single player in the core simultaneously. Looking forward to the concentrated effort from Infectious. must start being realistic about the capabilities of a 30 man alliance coming up against ... 170-200 players.
It's ok to be scared sometimes cyber. Those orange oompa loompa dudes used to terrify me when i was a kid.


Nice one.
As DW said, we are a strong alliance because we work together. Barely i see a selfish person in our alliance and that is thanks to our leaders in infectious. iCyber, you are a good leader, for now, but the world is just started and a lot can happen. I wish the best to everybody and jabba 55, keep up the goodwork. For me the forum is like a newspaper, i like to see cat and dogs fighting and reading other people's point of view.



Not going to slam you too hard for putting in the effort, but this makes me feel like I'm just reading grepointel with a few interviews thrown in, and before you go getting crazy, adding giant red font wont help :p

Maybe I'm wrong and that's what a "proper" paper is supposed to be like but imo for the effort it should at least keep you interested?

Killer of hell

I have to agree, the paper isn't really that good of read. You should throw in more excitement in here.


Ya'll are way too critical of jabba here. It's not the best newspaper that i've seen on grepo but in his defense nobody else is doing one and at least he puts out new ones relatively quickly.

thx for filling up some time between sniping at Cses jabba.


I admit that to do a newspaper is hard as you need to get info of what's been going on but I'm sure if you asked around (not just alliance leaders) you'd get some funny and cool stories to add to the paper with lots of different views


you could talk to me, i have a story about a man, a woman, and 7 plastic turtles.


nice work jabba, it wont let me +rep you at moment.
Don't really understand the rep thing anyway, anyone got the time to explain it to this noob?


the more you have the bigger your virtual prick.

you being a chick i have no idea.
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I try to annoy people and make sure some sort of sparks fly when people read my interviews.. lol