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Dark Energy: A theoretical repulsive force that counteracts gravity and causes the universe to expand at an accelerating rate.

I am making this alliance because the settings so far are looking awesome and I thought I would start a premade. Currently I am looking for players who are dedicated, active and have some understanding of Grepolis, I mean you don't have to have a crown or anything. This is second Premade, I am not going to lie the first did not go too well, but I learned some lessons and hope to change my luck. My experience is mainly in Psi were I reached over 750k points under a different account name. I was in a good strong alliance were I learned to participate in Ops and what support to give people. I even got promoted to Council member and then to General of the Ocean. I quit due to RL but I started up again not too long ago in Apollonia were I started an alliance my self called Olympus Rising which reached 300k points, not too much but I had a good crew and I shook of some rust.

I will be playing Cythera. A Speed 3 Conquest world.

-Over our average points
-Competent at Grepolis (Not a complete noob)
-Active at least 2 hours a day
-Will help out in Offensive Ops and Defensive Support

-North-West (Ocean 44)

If you want to join PM me, do not post here.
If you have a suggestion to the profile, by all means post here, just don't spam!

-Locutus IV


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Conquest...This will be the perfect opportunity to try it out


Associates crowns with skill, and wonders why no one wants to join :D
Sure sometimes it doesn't mean skill but most of the time it does. If you don't want to join, or don't have any suggestions, do not post here that is called spamming, consider this your warning next time I will report you.


Well, the creator of the profile pic has to be in the game, you know. :p

Just kidding. I miss the conquest world after Alpha shut down so I'm in.

As for qualifications, I have around three yrs of Grepo gaming exp, the last world being Alpha where I had a ranking of around 300 and was a Senator in the top alliance at that time, TBDI. Currently I am playing in Apollonia in my own alliance called Ground Zero.

So, put me in the roster, please. :pro:


Not sure what your trying to say... All I know is that your not trying to join or give a suggestion so you are spamming. Now be a good little spammer and run a long to bug a different thread :D
Thats quite hilarious telling someone off for spamming when you have 400 posts that you have gotten in since july.... That is more than 5 posts a day lol. Spammer.

I have a suggestion (so this isnt spam hehehe) avoid people who are proud of their crowns.
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