Dark Legacy


We are.... Dark legacy
Join us....Or Die

We are a new alliance based in the South West of Tau! We are looking for keen, active players that are willing to use the forums to discuss in-game attacks. Everyone is welcome to join, and will be rewarded somehow with either help in wars or resources. We don't care about points or how strong you are. We just need you....

Recruitment -
At the moment anyone is welcome to join. We are looking for:
- Active players
- Players that know the game
- Players that know how to use the alliance forums
If you find yourself fitting either 2 or 3 of these qualities, PM me (Xenoatour) or post below!

Pacts -
Currently, we only will accept 2 - 4 pact unless we see otherwise. One of those pacts is taken up by our brother/academy alliance H.I.V.E. They train up players who then progress onto my alliance. Pact alliance will need to be:
- Active and good at communication
- Alliances that are strong and powerful preferably
- Alliances that know the game
If your alliance fits some of those qualities, PM me (Xenoatour) or post below.

Xenoatour (P)