Hi there !
My nickname is Dark-shadow35, I'm one of the two representatives of the French community for the Grepolis Player Council. In real life, my name is Maxime, and I am 18 years old. I'm in an english college, in order to become an english teacher (or somehow something related with the English language !)

I am just walking around, getting some informations on your community and try to be more talking with your two amazing representatives.
I am sorry if I did some mistakes, I'm french after all ! :rolleyes:

See you :p


Thanks for the welcoming !
Hope this will be interesting ;)


Hi Dark-shadow! Just a quick question concerning World Wonders. A requirement to build them is complete control of an island.
Does it matter if a players controls several cities on that island? Or do you need 20 different players with 1 city each?

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
It doesn't matter how many people own cities on a WW island as long as they are all controlled by one alliance. Technically 1 person could hold the island but that is normally frowned upon since that can lead to issues.


In order to achieve World Wonders, you can do both ways. It doesn't matter. But, I really prevent you that if you multiple the number of players on your WW, you multiple the number of having a player playing for another alliance, and destroying your Worlds Wonders.