Darwin Awards


Im looking for founder rights in a top 5 alliance I can run with an iron fist. Activity isnt my strong suit, so I will require resources when I bother to log on. Im not experienced but I have a gut feeling I could be unstoppable with the correct amount of support from my new team.

Please answer these questions before the bidding war starts.

1. Is your alliance strong enough to carry my dead weight?

2. How many females in the alliance and are they willing to feed my ego?

3. Will alliance members adjust their schedules to suit mine? With my inactivity I need PM replies immediately if we are going to get anything done.

4. Does your alliance have a photoshop guy? I plan on changing my profile a lot!

5. What else could I possibly benefit from your alliance?

Let the begging begin.
I'd just like to nominate this guy lol. Hope hes not serious

Gladiator 944

Come join us :)

Actually.......please stay FAR away from us :p
You'd like some of the stuff in our forums though :p :)

SGT Slaughter

I hear Im up for an award. Not sure what its for, as I cant be bothered with reading, however Im not surprised. I'll have my mom prepare a speech when the time comes.


I ll be there to see you get the award i can even help your mom prepare the speech, anyway welcome to this server SGT



<a href="http://forum.en.grepolis.com/showthread.p
I nominate arugala123 Read from bottom to top.


CaspersReturn today at 03:04
Now your getting it, Cheers.


arugala123 today at 03:03
well i can deal with losing one city funny thing is you said it yourself i have a life and you spend 15hrs plus on this game. and your main enticement and joy is taking over cities? thats sad and your smugness gets your kicked out in the real world and therefore you better work from home. :) Big Smiles... Big smiles

today at 02:54
Unfortunately no.


arugala123 today at 02:53
so you wont accept me into your alliance ? you are the leader and its your call. neil wont be losing out on anything and you gain another player

CaspersReturn today at 02:50
Unfortunately, I happen to work from home, spend 15+ hours a day on this game, and dont feel the need to fire myself. However, as this is a war game its important to remember there are people out in the world of grepolis who love to ruin a players whole week / month / year from taking their cities. In fact that is why many of us play this game, the simple, yet admittedly satisfying pleasure of ruining someones good time.

Im not sure why neil wants you city, but he does want your city.

Now for the more important part of this message, yes we do recruit players into our alliance, but cannot be bothered recruiting a player who has a life, its just no fun when they get fired and we have to hear all about it. I recommend Halo, Call of Duty, Maybe some Modern Warfare? I have heard Sim City is a good game for people with a life.

Much respect to you and your stable position in life, and my best regards to your boss for not firing you yet. Most of all however, much respect for you, for managing to make it to 5k points with such a time consuming real life.

I wish you nothing but the best,


arugala123 today at 02:41
it is a war game? i would not know this is my first city and i have been growing it and never attacked a zombie elite pirate.
however neil crickmore has attacked me many times and i have caught more than 9 spies of his in my city so i wonder how many i didnt
yesterday you and him drained more than 25k silver in my cave trying to get a spy in

I have a job and i work full time i have been building this city since late novermber and i just got to research conquest and try to get a second city
i dont know why neil crickmore wants my city so bad there are bigger ones here on the border of ocean 67

I have been trying to log on at work to build up and prosper only to run the risk of getting reprimanded or fired not sure this game is worth spending 15 hrs a day on
so tell me about yourself and why you and neil deserve my city and my hard work?
this is a game of pleasure and recreation. can you build your world wonders without killing my only city?
you do take in new alliance members?

CaspersReturn today at 02:31
I can understand your frustration, but those 800 swords are so tempting to kill, and their is a claim on your city currently. This is a war game after all...

Tell me a little about yourself, without caps lock.


arugala123 today at 02:26
Sounds like a pretty nice guy... i don't think that deserves it, i would have accepted him into the alliance and taught him.


uhm, thats a bit odd isnt it? why not colonise another port on the island...
genuine question


uhm, thats a bit odd isnt it? why not colonise another port on the island...
genuine question
Enas was trying to prove a point to that 200pt player.
That guy dared send Enas an invite for another game. Enas replied by rimming him! :p


Lol i remember one guy on an old server conquered a 175 pt city, just so he could brag he had the smallest active city :p


uhm, thats a bit odd isnt it? why not colonise another port on the island...
genuine question
I sent like 5 attacks... not just attacks NUKES mind you to it because it is centralized and it was a city that was exactly far enough away for the time I would be away.

Well it was not a ghost when I sent the attacks and one of them had a CS attached to it. Well when I get back I see a report you have conquered XXX... I was like I have not sent against the city I had revolted yet.

Well lo and behold I beat up this 200 point player and took his city. *face meet palm* :eek:

the reports and ordeal caused quite the uproar of laughter in the alliance forums... 200 point city *shakes head*

never live this down.