Darwin Awards


i nominate Marcus Vellious of the GRIM for colonizing a city at ocean 69 (612-968)

poor boy was so scared that he feels that ocean is safe
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I nominate Mic Skoli for excessive crying on the forums then not even having the balls to stick it out. Simply ghosted when attacked.


pretty old thread but if anyone is still looking.. :p

i nominate G.E.P/Z.E.P ... thinking they could attack Slackers and take all our 75/66/67 cities chase us to 65 and then have most of us join them .... and actually having a laugh about how long we'd last...

so whats the status now?.... G.E.P players got chased to 57/67 or into VM.... including one of the biggest turtles.... we took most of 76 took more in 66 than they have of us.... and forced Z.E.P to merge with freaks because the couldnt handle the heat.... boom boom :p