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How its possible for someone to have 3.5k Bp after playing this server for a month?

I mean,only from the quests,i am pretty sure you could get more than 3.5k Bp o_O


Must say @jameslongst, really hope this time you guys do stick it out to the endgame.
Came here to gold trade, but decided to stay as plenty decent fighting alliances here that dont sign up to the server killer mass pacting mantra
Happy Xmas to TF (and be nice lol its Xmas :p)
merry xmas to you too!!

what are you doin here in this unworthy world?
All I see here is slow speed revolt weaklings.
I agree with you this world is damn slow.
but your saying is just so pathetic. why don't you go try Starcraft dude?
that would do you some freaking fast and worthy competitive play.

it doesn't require any money to win.
it only requires your primitive game skills.

you want to brag you're damn good pro-gamer?
go try Starcraft.

Grepolis is all about how much money and time you're spending.
or being in the good place to get recruited by some big and diplomatic Alliance.

I'm so sick of seeing you guys bragging how you're so grandiose in "WEB-GAME"
which by the way, doesn't require any specific skills.

So please. don't talk as you're a damn BIG guy.
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Personally I think slower speeds are more challenging and way more fun.

In the higher speeds the big mras just bang troops out and steamroll over everything while they laugh and troll people. Thats all cool for them but it requires nothing but