Deactivation of Grepolis Mobile Website Discussion

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Honestly the best way for your feedback to be heard is in these feedback threads as both Rich and I read them and then we forward it to the LCM and Devs. The more feedback we get and the more specific feedback we get the better we can explain why you guys are upset and how you want things to change.


Case in point....

At 0200 this morning UK time a substation went bang and my home was plunged into darkness...full electrical failure that has only just been repaired

Both laptops and the router, obviously, were out of action

Windows phone working thanks to having BT Mobile access to hotspots free of charge so was able to access Grep and leave messages for my team leadership that my presence would be limited due to a power failure

Take that mobile access away and I would have been up the swanny without a paddle, unable to contact anyone...had my cities been under attack they would have been lost cos I had no way of getting online in game

Nuff said really....if it (the mobile version) ain't not touch it...please/thank you :)


App is stupid, haven't used it for a long time now but here goes with the problems
-cant change town names
-time is set to a specific londondon time
-stupid phone barks all day cause you play hard so folk get upset>:)
-timing attacks / defense...impossibro
im sure i missed stuff but cant remember now


More info

I think but don't count on a reply, everything is filtered so I imagine your words will end up on the lead Coma's desk in some way shape or form who will more than likely file it under trash
So there is no direct way to be sure that our proposals get to game builders or owners?

Thanks one more time


I've never been made aware of a lite mobile browser version.

When the app proved useful only for incoming attacks, everyone told me to just go on my phone to the desktop version of the browser. Now I'm hearing there was a lite version that isn't as slow as a DOS computer? Sounds like a failure to communicate. Inno is punishing itself by removing a viable mobile game that it never adequately promoted.

C'est le guerre.