Death Before Dishonor


Right before anything I know I have spelt dishonour wrong in the title but that's how GP likes it.

Death Before Dishonor has been in many worlds and got a strong group of experienced players :) and it is no different in this world, we are
:D and I know everyone hates them apart from NOOBS (I hope I am allowed to say that lol) :Angry: our core is o55 and are looking for some new candidates to join us on our odyssey to become victors of this world.

PM me on the game if your are interested and i will have a look and recommend you to our chief recruiter.

My in game name


Some of the greatest alliances ever have been "MRA's"
Called MRA but function just as good as smaller alliances,just depends on if the leadership strong or not
If the leadership weak and they mass recruit all threw out the ocean(s) then that my friend is an MRA
If the leadership is strong and they mass recruit all threw out the ocean(s) and are able to coordinate the large group and such where they take over multiple oceans due to them being spread then they aren't an MRA

Basically saying the alliance could Mass Recruit but that might be there strategy ,so not an MRA
If they Mass Recruit with no strategy at all,then thats an MRA

People use the term MRA loosely but only time can tell what alliances have potential to those who do not
You could have the biggest group and people instantly call the alliance an MRA but if they get out on the battlefield and fight like a half-beast half machine then that quickly shut the doubters up....I went on too long its just I don't like people calling everything MRA

You could be a small MRA though lol one like Bond had said :p


DBD lasted in Mu until the end, they came out 3 or 4 rank world ended. :p


i would.nt worry too much about coming on the forums to claim your not MRA -thats just going to get the opposite reaction your looking for (especially putting it in big red letters)..i don't mind if your mra or not..let your game do the talking.
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