Pnp Death of a Leader.


It started with a whisper. Could we do this?

The Spartans looked as the Centurion Immortals threw down the Gauntlet and started a war.

The Spartans looked again and saw their once called Ally, Daybreakers, break their pact, and join with the Centurion Immortals in a war to destroy all Spartans.

The Spartans looked and saw that both Alliances combined had a great number of points, and a new name. Centurion Daybreakers. CD.

The Spartans looked and saw that it sounded like a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

The Spartans replied to that whisper with a unanimous voice that would shake the gods from Olympus: "NO"

Swiftly Spartans destroyed their enemies in O77. Many of them in the end joining Sparta. The rest tried to Flee their homeland, O77, to join their allies in O58. DHK, The leader of Centurion Immortals, became a target of Sparta. Out of fear, he and the old leaders of CI all set sail 30 hours away to O58 to take refuge in the warm bussom of the Daybreakers section of their new alliance.


This would be in vain.

Two mighty Spartans heard of this plan. Bears were deployed quickly to one city where an outpost of 8000 units stood guard.

The other dug deep into their enemies ocean and stood guard with another 5000 units.

The fleeing CD ships were met with a resounding thud, and a message

During the fleeing panic, Spartans landed colonial ships in every city of the CI Leader, except 1. Spartans were spent, they had no more offensive strength left. On that day, over 250 attacks were launched against the enemy of Sparta. The ones that started the war, who turned a friend of Sparta against them. Sparta knew that if this 1 city remained, that the God's would curse their moral.

The lone city stood tall behind a massive wall and tower. Surrounded by over 3500 ground units and almost a thousand biremes. Was this all Sparta could do?

Then a mighty sound came from the wilderness "SPARTANS, GIVE IT YOUR ALL. Our enemy is but one city away from extinction. Muster your troops".

In mere hours, the enemy of Sparta watched as over 100 attacks were launched at his city, all landing within a 2 minute landing window of a colonial ship, which would be his Down Fall.

Panic started setting in. Were they doomed?

A whisper replied Yes.

Here's to Sparta. 400 attacks in 1 day. Over 40,000 troops killed today by Sparta.

Beer has been served. No STD's have been found in Sparta, and they are having a night to remember.

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heh heh, sounds like a hellova lot of fun where you are , nice :) + rep
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Gotta say the amount of fun this sounded almost had me joining this world +rep