Declaration of the Platypus Uprising



We will rise up,
Against the elites,
Against the ruling powers.
We will take over,
Because this is an uprising -
The Platypus Uprising​

The Uprising is coming to an island near you. If you're tired of elite alliances and pre-mades, join us! All we ask (for now) is that you are active and a contributing member of the alliance. When the game progresses, then we'll start caring about points. But for now, we only care about spirit, loyalty, and fortitude, among other positive traits.

Why, you ask? Two men with guns will be overwhelmed by a stampede. Fifty men with swords and solid spines will charge valiantly into battle. Who will win? We don't care if you call us an MRA. Strength in numbers is the way to go. You need a large player base before you can start nitpicking.

Founded by Milonius

Contact Milonius for diplomacy, information, and invites.


Things are not going as well as I had hoped. We got someone who wanted an invite, but they didn't even know how to accept it. /facepalm


You've always got the tactics of REAL MADRID, which is spam invite.


"We will rise up,
Against the elites,"

Trust me, there is precious few elites here. I can tell you that much. Plenty of experienced players though, but a very very tiny amount of elites.