Declaration of War


This hereby serves as the Official Declaration of War between Omega Capricus vs Borg 2.0

On this date, 28/7/2011, Omega Capricus openly declares war with Borg 2.0. This act of war shall remain in place until either of the following terms have been met:

1. Full, unconditional surrender along disbandment


2. A signed, binding peace treaty from all current and/or future members of Borg 2.0 including restitution of damages (to be determinded) of 60% of the total total losses incurred by Omega Capricus. To which, neither Omega Capricus nor Borg 2.0 current and/or future members shall engage in aggression against any members of either alliance nor their Pact Member Allies for the duration of no less than 5 years from treaty commencement.

Founder and Leader
Omega Capricus