Guide Defensive Tactics (A short look in) Jamez's guides Part 1


Tactic #1 The Snipe (Revolt only)
Someone's got you in revolt, they and their alliance have launched a lot of clearing attacks... what are you gonna do?

Step 1: Sniping with Spells
Try and use your common sense to work you know which one it is wisdom it which attack the CS is, once you think you know which one it is wisdom it, now you should see what troops he has sent as an escort, however the snipe spell which we will use (Sea Storm) works based on population so to cheat this spell you should see the player has used 5-39 LS to protect from this spell, it is still good to cast anyway as it will make the final battle easier. If you have killed the CS you may stop (The player may launch another one if so carry on) If not carry on.

-Transports do NOT count towards the population of an attack so the player will probably have a big escort and may also use fliers.
-Now is a good time to tell your alliance (You need to do this by using the defense template in the forum, you should always write when the CS lands and when the last clearing attack lands and when the CS lands and ask for support that can land between these attacks, even if you think you can beat it with your own defense always tell your alliance, better to be safe than sorry)
-Do NOT pull in support willy nilly from your other cities (if you have any) only bring support that lands after the last clearing attack but before the CS

Step 2: Speed Editing
Okay so you want to get some support from your other cities but it lands before the last clearing attack what can you do? I like to call it speed editing you do this by sending a slow navy unit along with your attack (Slow Transport, LS or even a CS!!!) experiment with all these units to see if you can make it land after the last clearing attack but before the CS (You should have at least 1 LS and I usually keep a Slow Transport for these situations) If you can great, you should be safe,if not you better hope your alliance has some support that can...
-Experiment with all slow naval units to change the time of the support
-If it is too slow a speed boost may help if you have one in your inventory

Tactic #2 Offline Bounces
What really sucks is having your units killed while your offline :( but there is a solution :) The bounce... This is a pretty simple tactic so I won't do it in steps... If you know you will be offline for a certain number of hours you need to hide your troops, you need to do this by dividing the number of hours you will be offline by two and finding a city that far away that you know doesn't worship your god (Alliance/Pact members cities are best because they will tell you what god they have so you won't get it wrong and have your support stay there)... So if I will be offline for eight hours I will send the troops I want to hide along with a mythical unit to a city four hours away because the city doesn't worship the same god and I sent a mythical unit (Not a divine envoy) It will bounce back to me and arrive when I come back online...

Thanks for reading, all feedback (good or bad) is appreciated, this guide is currently fairly sparse and covers only a few tactics however I will be adding more (help with that will be appreciated)...

Thanks again for reading, I hope you keep your city/units safe :)