Delayed Alarm

King Soos

Anyone else having issues with alarm reacting up to 30 mins after an attack was sent?
mods can you explain this?

*asking for a friend (I don't use alarms)


I have problem with my phone app, sometimes i get notification few hours after attack when i take phone. Tried bunch of fix solutions to turn off deepsleep or exclude grepo from apps that goes into ds but nothing fixed it...


Dont say that loud my friend... enemys always are watching and reading... giggle.

Imagine that moment when you get alarm after your troops are already dead and they are coming with CS and you cant do anything? :D The reason not to trust ur phone. :D At least till they fix this stuff... oO :D


Most of the time uninstalling and reinstalling the app will fix the delay. Even checking to see if the app is up to date, my phone isn't set to automatically download app updates and I suffer from the delayed attack alarm sometimes because of it.