Delta SOS United Wants You!


Are you looking for an alliance?

The newly created alliance, Delta SOS United, is currently recruiting and we want you. We have just started, but we are getting stronger everyday. Delta SOS United already spans across four oceans with multiple members in each one. We aim to aid our members and make them stronger by training them to make their city grow. Our goal is to become the greatest alliance in all of World Delta but to do this, we need your help!

Recruiting anyone on any skill level, and looking for people to take positions like...
Recruiters:we need a lot of recruiters to find members all over Delta.
Diplomats:we need a couple of diplomats to make joint pacts.
Warlords:we need strong members with huge armies to aid in our conquests.
Spies:we need members with good Cave levels to do recon missions for us.

Thanks for just reading this, and us here at Delta SOS United would be honored to have you in our alliance,
PinkMan14 and all the members of Delta SOS United.
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I would suggest adding more details, what are your goals, what ocean are you recruiteing in ect if you expect anyone to join. I deleted the other thread you made to recruit for the exact same alliance, Please dont create duplicate threads.
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