DES better than all the funny


Today I had a really funny msg from Drwelch
He really believes his own dreams

Drwelch today at 17:31
Do you honestly think we're scared of Atomic/anonymous thieves/stoats? We knew this would happen. We have the best position and we have the best players. It's no surprise to us that everyone wants to take down the best

Best joke ever


Sigisa you're just salty cause you got cought spying. Don't be salty cause every alliance would kill you if they found out, weather it be DES or not.


As a former member of the Hawks, it became very difficult to keep track of who/what/when/where/why because of the constant expansion and constant merging. If they would have stayed one group from the get-go, things might be different in Dyme. Much easier to root out the inactives and gather the stronger players together when it's under one roof.


DES aren't funny anymore they're boring now.............................