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Proposal of additional feature to keep our interest in staying in the game and show the status of the player.
Originally it can start from Governor Mansion, evolve to Kings Castle and then into Emperor's Palace.
This is meant for players who own at least 30 cities as a reward for their progress.
Please look at my project in details in thread which is closed but I would like your opinion on it and possibly Innogames programmers to work on it.

DNS and PSI lists
Yes I checked all previous records and there is nothing similar to my idea in the past

This new feature is to motivate players to continue game beyond building WWs and give additional goal to our development, showing status and break monotony of our cities' views.

Player chooses his favourite island and turns it into capital of his Imperium. Main building will be costly but enhanced with the gardens and is meant not to be attacked and conquered until the player is in the game. Then it turns into Mausoleum and disappears after some time like ghost towns do.
This is the cultural centre, I propose to build Coloseum and have a gold mine or at least a tax office and the Governor/King/Emperor should be able to collect gold every month. The unarmed visitors to the city should pay 10 of gold to enter the city and stay in local taverns or gardens for one day, instead of spying on it.

Visual Aids:
It is up to the programmers of Innogames but impressive view of Grepolis features in adverts should find here its reflection

The cities remain the same way they were. One city turns into Emperor's residence. It's his refuge from daily duties and trading and cultural centre of imperium

Abuse Prevention
No abuse. The city is additional item the player can have, paying by resources as for building any other building in his cities.

I would like to have one city like this and so do my friends here. It would be more fun and not attacking only but having aesthetics in mind too. It is additional goal for a player and it keeps his interest in continuing to play in one world commitment instead of hopping from one world to another.
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Your previous thread was locked because you didn't use this format to make reading your idea easier. Same will apply here unless you edit the post.


Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?



Visual Aids:


Abuse Prevention:



Erm no. In my alliance, we reward players by not bolting them for two days. After that well they've got to impress us again.