Advanced Devil Imp Studios Logo


Hi I'm the DevilImpStudios the creator of Devil Imp Studios, we are getting ready to make are first animated song and post on YouTube. But we don't have a logo, well we do but it's using a copyrighted image. So anyway I'm looking for a Graphic Artist that can draw us their own original art piece. So if any one is willing to take on the job here are the requirements:

Theme:An Imp or Devil (I don't prefer one over the other)

Background: Hell or The Under World

Text 1: Devil Imp Studios

Extras: Flames must be somewhere in it

Thank you for your consideration



Oh yes and also if you're willing to try the request post here first that u are

Venomvine The Warped

would you give me a signature with a snake or skull and has the words VENOM?
Reward: Venom