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Because you weirdo's wouldn't reply in my old shop when I came back to grepo I'm making a new one so same rules as the old one:
Hi guys and Welcome to my new signature shop!
I'll accept all request and make any type of art, Banners, Sigs, Avatars, Coa, ETC. But yeah you get the point I'll make anything! Be aware, all request posted during the middle of the week will be made on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I would like it if when you request for a piece of art you follow this format:

Type of Image: (Sig, ETC)

Size: (700 by 120, ETC)

Theme: (puppies, Halo,ETC)

Stock: (put nothing here if you don't have specific stock you want, A stock is an image without a transparent background)

Render: ( Put nothing here if you don't want a specific render, A render is an Image with a transparent background)

Text 1: ( I like birds, ETC)

Text 2: (Founder of Birds, ETC)

Extras: (Anything else put it here)

I would also like as a reward +Rep, Thanks a Bunches!

(A list will be posted when needed)


Hai :)
I was told by the mighty overlord Richard to change my sig :p haha

Anyhoo, i am feeling like something disney-ish this time.

Type of Image: (Sig, ETC)
Sig and Avy

Size: (700 by 120, ETC)
Anything from 500 by 120 to 700 by 120
Avy- 80 by 80

Theme: Disney!

Stock & Render- Not really worried tbh. But i found this site- Click on 'random image' or you can go through. It has LOADS of cartoon characters. It doesn't have to be just disney really. Most have no background to them. :) Although, i'm sure there's some stuff online. I would like the rat from Ratatouille in it somewhere though. :)

Text 1: ~ToT

Extras: Just try anything really, i am not fussed. Though, i would like it to be light. Not too dark anyhoo. But yea, cartoons, preferably disney.

Oh, for the Avy, just one character, you decide what would be funniest. :)

PM if you want any more info :)



Ok ToT Here it is

The Link:
And the Avy:


hi mate lets see what you can come up with
i am looking for a signiture.

size max
theame -war like a soldier standing with a gun etc

let your imagination run free and see what you can come up with ;)

text Cabz bii
text 2 Glasgow's green and white


Type of Image: Sig and Avvy

Size: Max

Theme: evil, dark, depths of the ocean

Text 1: VladamirHadra

Text 2: Already Back For More

Extras: waves, whirlpool, something strong from the ocean (don't like octopuses), Poseidon, or Oceanus


When about will mine be done? I am aiming by before I get to 1975 posts :p