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Going South West of the map and looking for players that kill soldiers everyday.In order for Diablo to be a great allaince we will need to recruit people rigth away so other members can join.Strong,Active and respectful players is the key for a great allaince and will love to see all those 3 thing if you join.I would like to keep a high average and high attacks points on the rankings.I know every trick in the book and will use every tool w agianst the enemies.If you would like to get a postion in the allaince please contact me when i have sent you the invite.So please thanks for your time my friend and hope to see you there, remember South West and please send me a message in that world so i can invite you:pro:


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I really feel like finding you and crushing you since you seem like sorta a newb, but your name is so long that I don't feel like typing it in the search box


why would anyone waste there time to kill this noob, it ain't worth it unless you got nothing else to do. :p