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People like you are responsible for players losing interest in this game. You whinge and whine on about honour like it was a commodity that fills your john every morning.

Yes it damn well is. Grepolis is about winning. It always was. If you don't like that go play with those who now inhabit the Off Topic section and verbally stroke each other with quotations and pointless fluffy spam rather than play the game of Grepolis. :pro:

Your account name and your posts for that matter name appear to be deliberately created to take advantage of someone widely accepted to have suffered a tragic loss. That is about as low as anyone can get in these forums. I have seen your record on Grepointel and it tells me all I need to know about you.

You make me sick!
I comment only the things shown in the game, and no - i didn't talk about Grepolis, only about the methods used to win the Grepolis world Sinope and then breaking your promises given to all the allies who make the winning possible, that has nothing to do with personal tragedies...
P.S. If you are talking about ranks, show the right links (before i retired after we won the other crown):
Show some dignity, at least in this post, and don't use lies like Erik - if you are sick, visit a doctor...
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