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Hello everyone you can see a slowdown on the list of cities, the problem is due to the "List of cities in BB-Code
Copy & Paste. Quack function "

Annotation 2020-05-19 193914.jpg

i am working to solve the problem
thank you for your understanding


Good morning all

I have the Firefox and your script doesn't work.
Download Tampermonkey for Firefox

Never mind - still doesn't work right.
have you found a change since yesterday's update?

You can find the following in yesterday's update

World adaptation "Olympus" (feel free to test it in the beta world)
(UK image + BBcode message + "Olympus" toolbar)

Annotation 2020-05-24 205248.jpg

/!\temporary deactivation of "List of cities in BB-Code" "maintenance in court"

do not hesitate to tell me if the bug on the city list is resolved thank you



In the island MM button, 'Ghost Town' is included as a recipient.

Also, when GRC is active, the hrs inactive are preppended to all player names.

Eg. If I am 2 hrs no grow/no ABP, my name would be


in the recipients
^ Still an issue.

Also, the City View in window option has a problem - the island view cannot be dragged around while the City View window is active (even if minimized).