Newspaper Dion Global Newspaper Issue II


Dion Global Newspaper Issue II
Newspaper Creator: TheLastKnight

Table of Contents
I. Top 6 : Sink or Swim with Maps

II. Ocean Analysis
III: Interviews
IV: Wars
V: Top 3 Alliances Map.
VI: Game

I. Top 6 : Sink or Swim with Maps

1. Kallistei
- 828,061 Points - 299,373 Attackers(Alliances)
- 60 Players - 55,001 Defenders(Alliances)
- 13,874 Average Points


*Very nice growth sense we last talked about this group even with the peace times seem to have buckled down and worked to grow. Seem to be strengthening there core on the borders of 44 | 54. Heard this group has been fighting in O54 and strengthening there territory there by fighting Prima Superbia and Phoenix Legends. Seems Kallistei have been taking cities from BLACK KNIGHTS also in O54 with a war waging at the moment between Kallistei and BLACK KNIGHTS, and fighting Prima Superbia and Phoenix Legends all at the same time.* SWIM


- 560,411 Points - 191,177 Attackers(Alliances)
- 60 Players - 28,360 Defenders(Alliances)
- 9,454 Average Points

*Good strong group of experienced players from past worlds. Seem to also be strengthening there core up in there territory and trying to lock down O45. Growing in ADP and DBP sense the last issue with the peace times effecting this sense the holidays which is a very good sign of them continuing to fight in this world. OV seems to be fighting BC Repvblik with 6 gains and 0 losses by OV. By what I heard though OV & Triad have agreed to peace terms for the time being but that may just be a rumor who knows. I continue to see this group grow in this world for the coming months. * SWIM

3. Triad
- 550,499 Points - 192,096 Attackers(Alliances)
- 49 Players - 35,681 Defenders(Alliances)
- 11,302 Average Points

*Triad continues to gain cities in there core ocean which is O55 as of 1/3/2018. Triad has the best jump of ABP 26th of December to the 27th of December which was 12,783 points. Continue to be second in ABP and DBP behind Kallistei through the end of december into the new year with the peace times taking place. Good strengthening in there ocean with there core and seem to be fighting Beasts and Wraths and taking cities from them and have not lost one to either of these alliances. I continue to see Triad grow and conquer that's why I will be giving them a Swim. * SWIM

4. House of Pain
- 487,214 Points - 183,580 Attackers(Alliances)
- 56 Players - 16,939 Defenders(Alliances)
- 8,804 Average Points

*HOP continues to grow and gain cities in there ocean. I love the fight this group is giving and they seem to be giving a good fight to many alliances by what I heard. Biggest fight this group has at the moment is against Mayhem Reborn which they have gained 4 cities and lost 0. I see some recognizable players in this alliance that I have played with in other worlds and know some of the players are great fighters. Only problem I could see with this alliance is OV is all around them in O55 and could give them a good fight but dont see them making it out of that one but who knows they may have a peace offering or pact with them I dont know about but will be fun to watch in the coming weeks/months. * FLOAT Then SINK

5. Phoenix Legends
- 380,538 Points - 117,837 Attackers(Alliances)
- 60 Players - 21,786 Defenders(Alliances)
- 6,406 Average Points

*Phoenix Legends has most of there cities in O54 more toward the East with some close to Kallistei. I heard Phoenix Legends is fighting BLACK KNIGHTS and lost one city but has gained 2 from them. Phoenix Legends also seem to be fighting Kallistei in some form of way by what I heard but not 100% sure on that. I could see this group continuing to grow in O54 toward the east and expanding there way into O64. Phoenix Legends continue to be top in O54 for now but if the pressure by Kallistei keep pushing them out they will have to start growing in O64 soon enough. They continue to grow in ABP and DBP also which shows there fighting. I don't see this alliance falling no time soon though so I will be giving them a swim. SWIM

6. Prima Superbia
- 328,530 Points - 134,011 Attackers(Alliances)
- 50 Players - 25,939 Defenders(Alliances)
- 6,571 Average Points

* Prima seem to have some core strong players and seem to be growing in points. I heard that things were falling apart from the inside though by the war with Kallistei. Prima has lost 6 cities and gained 0 to Kallistei. Prima has gained 2 cities from Gods of Wrath though and seem to have took 2 from Phoenix Legends to though. I don't really see this alliance lasting much longer though with the area there in. Also notice that players have been leaving recently past day or two so this alliance could be falling apart for sure. SINK

II. Ocean Anaylsis

- Kallistei 473,386 Points 140 Cities
- Gods of Wrath 299,311 Points 123 Cities
- Prima Superbia 268,818 Points 95 Cities

- Phoenix Legends 370,746 Points 127 Cities
- Kallistei 332,347 Points 84 Cities
- Phoenix Legends 2 113,839 Points 51 Cities


- OCEANS VETERANS 552,297 Points 169 Cities
- House of Pain 454,080 Points 149 Cities
- Hostel of Pain 218,308 Points 83 Cities


- Triad 499,529 Points 140 Cities
- Mayhem 302,832 Points 104 Cities
- Beasts 255,717 Points 89 Cities

III. Interviews
(Permission from each player was given with these interviews)

Interviewing: MissusR
Dion Global Newspaper Interview

How is the world coming together so far in your perspective?

Dion only opened 3 weeks ago and has had 2 Peace Periods but I think the top 20 alliances are getting into swing now.

Have you and your alliance had any past experience on other worlds or is this a new group that has formed?

OV has been around for a few years. Certainly the core players been together since 2011

If there is one thing you would love to see in this world happen what would it be?

Our first speed 1 world but am looking forward to it lasting a bit longer and not have WW after 6 months and a dying world at 7 months. Very wishful thinking would be a fair play world but that is just an impossible dream.

Interviewing: Chimoson
Dion Global Newspaper Interview

How is the world coming together so far in your perspective?

The world is coming together very nicely, compared to other speed 1 worlds it is absolutely stacked with talent which should make for a great contest; lots of interesting questions to be answered in the months ahead.

Have you and your alliance had any past experience on other worlds or is this a new group that has formed?

I've been playing since the start of gen 1, the alliance is a new group formed from experienced players.

If there is one thing you would love to see in this world happen what would it be?

Dark Wraith and Ankitshah to take a vacation.

IV. Wars

Kallistei VS. Reborn
Kallistei VS. Prima Superbia
Triad VS. Beasts
Triad VS. Wrath
Triad VS. Mayhem
Phoenix Legends VS. BLACK KNIGHTS
Phoenix Legends VS. Diplomacy of the Sword
Phoenix Legends VS. Prima Superbia
Gods of Wrath VS. Gods of War

V. Top 3 Alliances Map.


VI. Game
Winner From Last Issue:

Please choose a number 1-25 and write it below after reading the newspaper person to guess the number will get 5k of wood, stone, and silver. I will announce the winner on the next Issue.

*Next Issue*
January 10th or 11th
New Maps on Multiple Alliances
Top 5 Alliances SINK/SWIM
NEW Ocean Analysis
Discussion on Smaller Potential Alliances
8 Recent Conquests

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I hope you enjoyed the Second issue too Dion Global Newspaper!
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