Newspaper Dion Global Newspaper Issue III


Dion Global Newspaper Issue III
Newspaper Creator: TheLastKnight

Table of Contents
I. Top 5 : Sink or Swim

II. Ocean Analysis
III: Wars
IV: Rim Alliances Top per Ocean
V: 8 Recent Conquests

VI: Top 5 Fighters
VII: Game

I. Top 5 : Sink or Swim

1. Kallistei
- 1,191,975 Points - 445,743 Attackers(Alliances)
- 57 Players - 100,019 Defenders(Alliances)


*Continuing to strengthen there borders and core with in the same process by looking at Grepolife have been getting rid of in actives and swapping cities around. Kallistei have been gaining in ABP and DBP sense my last issue with lots of growth in each and also in points. I continue to see this group have success in the coming weeks and will be interesting to see were they go from dropping Prima in growth/rankings and taking there cities. Who will be next?* SWIM


2. Triad
- 902,499 Points - 301,703 Attackers(Alliances)
- 51 Players - 62,763 Defenders(Alliances)

*Triad is showing to be very impressive also sense last issue by claiming the rank 2 spot. Triad has gained in both ADP and DBP and in points also sense last issue and I see this to continue. Triad has brought Mayhem tumbling down the ranking systems with the 10-0 victory they have over them right now. I see Triad next taking the fight to Beasts as they continue to lock down there ocean and show the fighting alliance they are. * SWIM

- 824,527 Points - 237,607 Attackers(Alliances)
- 60 Players - 48,409 Defenders(Alliances)

*OV has fallen back to rank 3 in the ranks but that still don't matter with there growth being behind Triad it still shows they are in the top alliances and still are putting up a great fight and dominating as always. I see OV having the most interesting ocean right now with the potential alliances in O45 that I could see bring a fight to them. I continue to see OV strengthen there core and start gaining more control of O45. * SWIM

4. House of Pain
- 791,353 Points - 266,128 Attackers(Alliances)
- 57 Players - 46,023 Defenders(Alliances)

*O45 has a lot of great alliances and a lot of competition for HOP. HOP has showed though there still growing and fighting with the gain in points and ABP/DBP. I really don't see HOP being able to last in the long run though in the ocean there in with OV being there and S.T.O.R.M and Mozzys Angels rising up in O45 also. I will have to give them a Float then Sink for now but who knows I may be wrong. * FLOAT Then SINK

5. Phoenix Legends
- 552,729 Points - 201,388 Attackers(Alliances)
- 59 Players - 38,687 Defenders(Alliances)

PL seem to be growing good right now on the Eastern side of O54 but continue to pull apart don't see much of building a strong core happening. I could see that leading to the down fall of this alliance. I also see Kallistei starting to target PL more sense there running out of opponents in O54 and will be needing BP in the long run to get more slots. * SINK

II. Ocean Anaylsis

- Kallistei 667,473 Points 163 Cities
- Gods of Wrath 477,327 Points 159 Cities
- Prima Superbia 219,069 Points 70 Cities

- Phoenix Legends 528,335 Points 161 Cities
- Kallistei 491,978 Points 108 Cities
- Phoenix Legends 2 182,799 Points 73 Cities


- OCEANS VETERANS 791,652 Points 212 Cities
- House of Pain 741,453 Points 203 Cities
- S.T.O.R.M 260,429 Points 80 Cities


- Triad 819,575 Points 199 Cities
- Beasts 442,280 Points 133 Cities
- Merciful Dawn 257,7131 Points 91 Cities

III. Wars

Kallistei VS. Prima Superbia

Triad VS. Mayhem

Triad VS. Beasts


Phoenix Legends VS. No Name

IV. Rim Alliances Top per Ocean


Aegean : 103,692 Points : 42 Cities

Shadow Wraiths : 148,128 Points : 60 Cities

As Athens Burns : 92,312 Points : 50 Cities
{Future War: Shadows Wraiths VS. As Athens Burns}
Due to Shadows starting to gain cities in O65 I could see a war between these two in the coming weeks/months.

V. 8 Recent Conquests

11.01.2018, 20:13 [town]2633[/town] 7622 maximum65
Mayhem SunPass
11.01.2018, 19:30 [town]7670[/town] 2718 Jayakrishna sai cregee
Gods of Wrath
11.01.2018, 19:11 [town]200[/town] 2007 waynet19
4567 kill me please 1
11.01.2018, 18:44 [town]2762[/town] 4545 The Royal Wolf
Prima Superbia J.KHAN
Prima Superbia
11.01.2018, 18:26 [town]3710[/town] 197 xialeg4 Dimosas
Hostel of Pain
11.01.2018, 18:03 [town]7526[/town] 1325 cristito Take1
11.01.2018, 16:51 [town]982[/town] 3008 Jody M guineeapig
11.01.2018, 15:47 [town]1138[/town] 3488 longjack00
Rising Tide standaerdt

VI: 5 Top Fighters

1. ANKITSHAH86 69,635 Points
2. RIOTDOG 57,059 Points
3. BROE 40,623 Points
4. TOGGISH 38,973 Points
5. I AM TACOMA 31,404 Points

VII. Game
Winner From Last Issue:

Please choose a number 1-25 and write it below after reading the newspaper person to guess the number will get 6k of wood, stone, and silver. I will announce the winner on the next Issue.

*Next Issue*
January 21st or 22nd
MAPS of Oceans
NEW Ocean Analysis
New 5 Recent Conquests
Rumor Mill

Thanks for reading!
I hope you enjoyed the Third issue too Dion Global Newspaper!
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