Top 12 Discussion thread


I like begin of this thread but getting bored as we get more into it :D


It's boring unless someone with the amazing ability to anger every single alliance with a couple of sentences makes a nice post here.

(yes i am talking about my amazing skills)

Admiral Naji

I meant this thread not world :) But I guess world nothing better then :p
when world starts, a lot of alliance fall and rise. It will be exciting to see whos predictions will be the right one and each alliance point of view.
As world advance, it will be more stable, therefore there will not be any real changes on this thread, and it will become a routine :)
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Admiral Naji

Katane is far from being a one sided alliance world. Where basically one alliance scares the hell out of the others that run and pact with each other against it.
There are pretty good teams out there, and what is more interesting the balance of power in the world is not concentrated in one ocean, its divided in the 4 core oceans (until now), I expect a very interesting future for this world


I left this world because the work load was too much. Might re-join.... this world as naji said, appears interesting


It looks like this world will be a lot of fun ;-) but the top 12, only got one thing to say about that, in 3 months time only 2-4 of the allis in the list now, will still be there

Admiral Naji

I heard a rumor saying that Kryptea brag on public about having spies in other alliances. I wonder if thats true or its just one of those rumors

pflug jason

I heard a rumor saying that Kryptea brag on public about having spies in other alliances. I wonder if thats true or its just one of those rumors
i would go out on a limb and say this one is just a rumor mate :D

Johnny 07

i would go out on a limb and say this one is just a rumor mate :D
That would be a pretty interesting rumor if true though :p

Did anyone else notice that the Renegades joining requirement is 2500 + points yet their average is 2158 LOL
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***Cyaphas' Top 12***

For those unfamiliar- I don't like to do sink or swims. I'm much more interested in examining and discussing the situation at current, occasionally put out some thoughts but for the most part, predictions aren't my style.

TL:DR WARNING- This won't be short. Read the bold line after each ranking for a summary.

Additionally- These are simply a set of observations, opinions and sometimes thoughts that I have regarding each alliance. I, in no way intend to insult or disrepect an alliance, and am simply rooting for everyone to do their best.


1. Unwritten Symphony- The well known premade that came under the recruitment banner of Admiral Naji has set off to a good clip. Front runnter Kekereal leads the world in total points and cs's. A nice little stamp to the caliber of some of the players is demonstrated in holding 4 of the top 12 spots. Leading so far in alliance attackers/defenders gives a final seal that they came here ready to go.

Sadly, being decently separated from the true "core" of the world means the better looking cities could take a while to get to unless they expand quickly.

While this seperation gives them the ability to really solidify a core, it also sets them precariously in harms way. Spread out in a line through NW- SE O55, they run into top 12 contenders in practically every direction. Early coalitions could really impeed their progress.

Quick expansion, and solidifying their location could mean all the different to surviving early pacted alliances from picking US off before they can realize their full potential.

2. KRYPTE1A- (As it's not an unknown fact: I'll roll all three krypts into a single section for now) Once again, a well known premade that has seen victory on prior worlds multiple times. Centering their 3 alliances into the very center of the core, the fact that they have so many players made it so there is little incursion of random starters into their core. Immediate oppositions on two sides means once again, a coaltion could form quickly to try and take them out.

In this scenario however, give Krypt all due credit- solid activity and walking in with 3 alliances means any coalitions will have to be really well organized and play smart. Sheer numbers this early are going to outplay skill which is tragic in my opinion. Krypts long game is going to be the real keystone to their success and with the leadership structure they historically have- they should have a good idea how to move forward.

A few late starters could see early pick offs and rimming for some of Krypt and seeing the group reaction to this could be very intersting. As they are already getting into fights we should expect plenty of action from them.

With a solid core already existing, picking a direction to focus and bullrushing ahead makes this juggernaut an incredible front runner. How time and atrophy affects them will be the most important factors in their experience with Katane.

3. Lightning Warriors- A partial premade that definitely has it's work cut out for it. Situated in the north center of O55, they have the benfit of a decent set of core members with a few other members scattered through out the ocean. The unfortunate part is that directly through their core runs a line of other top 12 contender SPECTRE Warriors.

This early on, and based on other factors- diplomacy with SPECTRE is probably the smart choice. Forcing an internal conflict early on the stand a good chance of winning, but the toll it would require would be far too steap a price, particularly with other top 12 contenders New Moon Rising and Unwritten Symphony that close by.

For my money- securing a pact with New Moon Rising[and their academy] and SPECTRE Warriors, would allow for strong fighting to push north through O54 and give the 3 alliances a strong base to survive future wars from. This move would put them into a war against Infernal Mercenaries[and their academy] and Freedom Front. The big caution with this would be protecting their ends from encrouching vultures.

Smart diplomacy and good movement are definitely going to be required. With the number of scattered members throughout O55 expect them to drop in rank before momentum can get under them.

4. KRYPTEIA- As posted under KRYPTE1A

5. New Moon Rising- Focused around the 54/55 border credit to these guys for getting easily the second best situated base of players. Jumping out with an academy early will certainly help to fend of any encroucment by Krypt.

Additionally, as mentioned taking cities from Krypt will be difficult due to the sheer number of players however, 2v3 is a much better number than anyone else has, so if they play smart the could be the biggest thorn to Krypt. All things considered- if New Moon falls to Krypt quickly- I think the server will be hardpressed to get a better chance at keeping the powerhouse in check.

As with Lightning Warriors, the ability to hold(or even press) a front line will require solid support and back territory and while non top 12 alliance Freedom Front is in their direct core, things could be problematic.

Dealing with Freedom Front, and pushing northeast into O54, will give them solid footing to weather the storms to come. And if they can take the advantage away from Krypt early on, expect these guys to play a huge role one way or the other in the development of Katanes existance.

6. Dystopia- An intersting alliance these guys didn't get the best draw in the world. The most surrounded top 12 alliance, saying life could be difficult for these guys is probably the biggest understatment you could make in regard to them.

Staring Krypt in the face, a lot can be drawn from their current rankings. Holding only a single player with more than one city, sitting 13th in alliance attackers and 15th, one could question the fighting spirit of this lot. With multiple people who should in theory be able to cs, I'm afraid questions of leadership the over all experience of the alliance could come up as well.

The however to this- early diplomacy with top 12 alliance Endbringer Union, and the threatening number 13 Renegades could lead to a nice mutual ownership of O45 to secure their own safety net with against the core.

Blood could be in the water already for Dystopia if potential allies Renegades or Endbringer Union focus on attacking them, along with attacks from Krypt.An aggresive stance could be incredibly problematic, but if they don't see more conquests soon, Dystopia could become exactly as their name implies.

7. Endbringer Union- Sitting with by far the worst positioning of the top 12, this shotgun scattering of players raises many questions. Admittedly early on, holding the 14th rank attacking alliance compared to the 9th ranked alliance defenders says these guys are a favorite target right now.

Turning that defensive bp into city slots early on would be excellent, but with only 1 player above 3500 points, it's a grim situation for them. They MUST find a way to secure a core location for players, and putting distance between any conflict and that core will have to be a priority.

I say this with all respect possible, but without more activity, and quicker city building, Endbringers won't live long enough to have a legacy. A possibly merge to combine with nearby alliances- form a core group of support and academy break outs are probably their best option at this point.

8. 9th Circle of Hell- Playing from the outreaches of the "core" oceans, I have to say, I count these guys among my darkhorse favorites right now. Seeing 3 players at the 3500+ point margin says a lot.

More impressively, sitting as the 11th ranked alliance attackers compared to the 29th ranked alliance defenders says they are definitely in a position of expanding. Seperated by time and ocean from other top 12's means they have every opportunity to set themselves up correctly before jumping headlong into the frey. Systematically moving north and picking off alliances trying to break into the top 12 could mean adding to their ranks nicely, and with a "brother" alliance already started, rotating ranks to find their best group means they could surge in ranks quickly.

Jumping that attacking rank up- and getting their conquests going are absolute keys. The biggest obstacle in their way right now is themselves- find the activty to move forward and watch out those who would stand in the their way.

9. Damage Incorporated- I can't help but just be at a loss for words with these guys. Give credit where do, this 9th ranked in alliance attackers is much like 9th Circle, in a great place for owning an ocean. The big however is, these guys are sitting with the biggest geographic spread for their players.

In their favor is the vast point lead they have over any other O65 contender. However, if they don't get themselves organized and conquesting, owning their ocean will be out of the question to say nothing of trying to push into the core.

Some good diplomacy could lead to prosperous setting to attempt the core, but they also hold a key resource if either Lightning Warriors, SPECTRE Warriors or Unwritten want to secure their backfield so fighting could fall on them before they are ready.

No one likes to think that simming is so important, but if they don't start spending resources on city building, all the slingers in the world won't matter when trying to take an established city. Get conquest and condense your players or risk being pulled apart at the seams.

10. SPECTRE Warriors- Boasting 3, almost 4 players at conquest level, it's sad to see that no one has taken a city. Further examination reveals why- ranked 20th on alliance attackers suggest they may very well have that pact with Lightning Warriors.

All things considered it's probably a smart move for them, but if these guys aren't working together to expand; it's a poisened pact that could see Lightning getting all the benefit. Expansion is a must for surviving within the core, and whether it's a lack of targets because of travel time, or not- start taking risks.

Take stock of what diplomacy with Lightning could mean- and if you decide to take it(or have already) besure you are benefitting from it as well. If not, jump on them and get those expansions going or you will be nothing more than an academy.

11. Gods of the Underworld- Being the 21 ranked attacking alliance and 32nd as defenders means these guys are simply being left alone. Boasting a sister alliance, and at least 1 player who is conquesting, makes one question their relationship with Krypt.

Give credit to the tightness of their core but it will all be for nothing if you don't start expanding more. Whether it's securing the field north, or taking on the giant Krypt, action must be taken.

If Krypt is simply writing them off- let this be a warning. A decently tight core growing alongside you could be a gigantic problem later, especially if Gods can get more of the players conquesting and securing their own backfield for the fight.
I've nothing to say if they are simply pacting a small alliance to cherry pick members from later.

12. KRYPTE2A- As posted under KRYPTE1A
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Top 12

I will try to make a weekly update that focus on how each alliance in the top 12 progress from week to week and give my opinion on each on them. I will not be focusing on any alliances outside of the top 12 and any wars/allies the top 12 alliances have with them will not be mentioned.
Allies/enemies might be inaccurate as they are based on grepostats and in game information. If anyone have more detailed information feel free to correct my mistake and/or pm me.


1. Unwritten Symphony
Enemies: New Moon Rising

Unwritten Symphony have had a very good start on Katane. They are currently #1 in points, ABP and DBP. They have very strong individual players and it will be interesting to see how they evolve. I expect them to be one of the top alliances for long time.

Allies: KRYPTEIA (sister alliance), KRYPTE2A (sister alliance), Lightning warriors, Spectre warriors
Enemies: New Moon Rising

Very strong alliance with a strong leadership and a lot of experience member. I believe they will a large impact on the world in the coming weeks and months.

3. Lightning warriors
Allies: Spectre warriors (academy), KRYPTE1A, KRYPTEIA, KRYPTE2A, Global legion of chaos

hard alliance to judge at the current state. They currently have peace agreements with most alliances around them which might be a sign of weak leadership.


5. New Moon Rising
Enemies: KRYPTE1A, KRYPTEIA, KRYPTE2A, Unwritten Symphony

Aggressive alliance, currently #2 ranked in ABP. It will be interesting to see if they are capable of surviving against Krypteia.

6. Endbringer Union

Might be too early to judge, but they seem to be a simmer alliance located in in O45. I expect them to drop in the rankings.

7. 9th Circle of Hell

Might be too early to judge, but they seem to be a simmer alliance located in in O45/O55. I expect them to drop in the rankings.

8 . Damage Incorporated

They are very widely spread over o65. It might be hard for them to stay in top12.

9. Gods Of The Underworld

A Large alliance with 2 academies. It will be interesting to see if they have strong enough leadership to manage all the members. Their ABP seems very weak which could imply having a lot of simmers in the alliance.

10. Global Legion of Chaos
Allies: Lightning warriors, Spectre warriors

A passive alliance which most likely will struggle maintaining a top12 position.


12. Spectre Warriors
See Lightning warriors

Disclaimer: The comments i make on each alliance is my personal view and does not represent my alliance view.