Divine Envoy - Good, Bad, Ugly?


I'd like to get others thoughts on the new myth unit that Innogames has added to Grepolis.

This was my first analysis on the subject:

It can be made by any city regardless of what God they worship and they can be used to defend any city regardless of what God they worship. It takes up 3 population units, doesn't take any resources and only 15 favor to make. So, the question is, is it useful at all?

Offense - the Divine Envoy has a blunt weapon attack, so it would seem best paired with horses for attack. Unlike Hera's harpy, it takes up space in your transport, so is it better or worse than the horse for attacking? Both are 3 population units, but the horse has an attack of 55 vs. 35 for the Divine Envoy, so the horses pack more punch per population unit, plus they are faster and carry more loot, so the Divine Envoy loses all the way around here. Comparing to other myth units, minotaur gets 14 attack per population which is better than the less than 12 that the Divine Envoy gets. The Divine Envoy is better than the cerberus which only has a per population attack of 7, but the cerberus is really more about defense any way.

Defense - the Divine Envoy has a very balanced defense of 20 in all three areas (blunt, sharp, distance). This is unique among units. Problem is, since they take up 3 population spaces you have to compare to 3 each of the main defenders:
3 sword gets you 42, 24, 90
3 archer gets you 18, 75, 36
3 hoplite gets you 54, 36, 21
So, it is slightly better than the archer at blunt defense but otherwise loses completely.
The other standard defender is the chariot and here we need to compare 3 chariots to 4 Divine Envoys:
4 Divine Envoys: 80, 80, 80
3 Chariots: 228, 48, 168
So it beats the chariot in sharp weapon defense, but loses badly in the other two areas.
Also, although that defense appears to be balanced, remember that slings have a ranged attack of 23, so although 1 horse will defeat 1 Divine Envoy, 3 slings (same population as one horse) will defeat 2 Divine Envoys and still have a sling left over while 1 horse or 3 hoplite will all die trying to kill 2 Divine Envoys. So best unit to attack Divine Envoys with is sling.
Comparing on a population unit basis to the best defending myth units:
Divine Envoy is 6.67, 6.67, 6.67
Medusa is 34.72, 24.17, 20.83 (better than hoplite)
Centaur is 12.5, 37.5, 5 (but I wouldn't defend with Centaur anyway - a pretty useless unit)
Pegasus is 45, 12.5, 15 (better than hoplite)
Minotaur is 22.5, 10, 18.67
Cerberus is 27.5, 10, 52.5 (better than sword)
Erinys is 12.51, 12.51, 16.27
So the Divine Envoy pretty much loses this comparison as well.

It was brought up to me in another world that the one place where the Divine Envoy might shine is for taking over farming villages right after you conquer a new city. One Divine Envoy conquers the first village and second villages, two for the third, 13 for the fourth, 25 for the fifth, 18 for the sixth, 143 for the seventh, and 264 for the eighth. There may be more efficient ways to get the 8th village if you are even interested. All this can be done without spending resources so you can use those to concentrate on building the city or building ships in order to help you meet the required troop counts to conquer the villages. Also, you can use all your favor from one God on Divine Envoys, switch to a different God use all the favor for Divine Envoys, and keep doing that until you cycle through all your Gods or you build all the Divine Envoys you want to take over the farming villages.

What does everyone else think?


I believe it was a pretty good analysis, you got me to read the whole thing and that was a danged large stack of words you have there. Although I must say there are already 4 or 5 threads floating around on this topic right now this would be one of the best :) +rep


I don't look around much in the regular forums as I generally only read stuff in the worlds I am playing in. Since I didn't see anything for Olympia I figured I'd post it. Thanks for the +rep.


What makes them similar to militia? Because they don't cost any resources?


(also look at the training time) that (other than the new city scenario) is the only way i see them usefull .......your city is under seige your troops have been wiped support waves are still an hour or 2 out but you have attacks landing in between time.....pop militia and turn out some of the new units and you may save yourself a revolt being started or a cs force from landing ........a last ditch effort to stack with your militia


i never said they "were" militia ....i said the only time i see them as being useful is as a last resort ......the same "scenario" as militia


Thanks for the additional explanation, Tyranex. I see where you're coming from now.


look the most + for divine envoy is NO COST.

Speed is also good for cost.

So this brings to conclusion.

Divine envoy will be the EARLY game unit, where you spend resources on building but build them BECAUSE:

1. Blunt attack early in game! (sooner than horses atleast for my build order!)
2. no resources = army + buildings easier constant up!
3. Speed = surprise assault (16 speed is faster than Slinger!)

They are bad in defense, they sEXTRA BAD in resource carrying (lazy slackers think if they're divine someone else will carry stuff for them or what!!!!!!)

Its simple and logical.

Hasan Naqvi

With new requirements for temple you can build them rather early in game. On the first or second day. Much faster than horses. Doesn't cost resources. Good unit.


I agree with you guys. They are useful as an early game troop option but it's not like you'll see them involved in real nukes later in the game.


So Innogames closed a bug with Divine Envoys so they are less useful to me than they were before. I used to use the favor from a couple of Gods to queue up quite a few Divine Envoys when I took over a city, but they made it so that when you switch Gods the Divine Envoys you had in queue go away so the favor you spent on them is wasted. I guess people were using the bug to transfer favor between Gods. There would have been a favor cost in this process, but I had never even considered that.
Oh well, live and learn.


In my day, we didn't have Divine Envoys. We walked to the battlefield uphill both ways.


You were lucky. In my day we didn't even have cerbs, if you wanted to defend a city you had to crawl round on all fours and bark like a dog.


pfft in my days you didnt have to defend cities because any attacking armies would get eaten by dinosaurs on their way.....