Divine Senses

Wait till noobs protection comes out. I think that'll go a long way towards the nail in the coffin. And true, friendships definitely keep this game alive. Honestly I'd setting on the 2013 game now. All of the sudden, world spamming and a terrible end game being the main problems isn't a bad thing.


Ah the final death nail. I got offered it but didn't accept it, not for morale reasons but because I am in a pretty dead world and don't see the point in getting false BP for cash I can spend elsewhere..Inno has basically been conducting a huge experiment over the past few events and now this offer..what it has done(remember the survey earlier in the year's you value your BP position in relation to other players'?) is misinterpret all our feedback or ignore it and launch several events and offers which have devalued the game and alienated its most loyal players. x 5 potential BP..? BP was the last refuge of ability and commitment in this game, now with events and this offer it has finally been removed ..remeber when building a Manti nuke took a month? not any more..buy one..remeber when BP was a measure of a player not any more buy your BP lol!!

I wonder if these golden tokens will turn up in this event? and this 'free' event inno are planning..my guess is you will get nothing out of it that will factor in your in game enjoyment you can't already buy. How this game is still going is beyond me. Mods have no answers, ban players having fun on the forums that are keeping the debates alive, Devs are LAZY (any one remember the new end game? the new buildings 'war council etc) and the rest are just milking the last buck out the game for shareholders who think we are all mugs...


Note to developers......wait until after a scheduled server update is completed before adding any events or offers

This one went squiffy due to first appearing 1-5 minutes before the servers went into update mode and when the servers returned to normal the second "replacement" offer appeared to have taken the original's place onscreen

Back when the myths/non myth kurfuffle happened, that too came and was swapped about during the server update going from one type (non myth) before the update and to the myth afterwards

Maybe in future to avoid these issues arising......choose a different day to launch events and offers from when you schedule updates...might be helpful to everyone ;)


Mods have no answers, ban players having fun on the forums that are keeping the debates alive
Banning players is a part of the job. As a moderator myself I know we don't just outright ban players for debating/posting anything negative relating to Inno. Players are normally warned on the thread about rule violations,if they continue infractions are handed out and if the players still do not heed the warning then they're given a temporary or permanent ban from the forums. At least that's how I do it,and from what I've seen it's the same over here.
So if you see a banned player,then they deserved it!
As for mods not knowing answers,we're just players like yourself. The only exception is we have moderator rights on the forum or have access to admin tools depending on the job. Moderators(both ingame and forum) have absolutely no contact with the devs like normal players. The only real person(s) that do have contact with the devs(mostly just the lead CM) are the community managers.


This in one day and it was only test.ABP gained for last 24 hours.

1 mungus1974 The Syndicate 825793 236407
2 Chilluminati The Syndicate 377029 226086
3 Leolis The Syndicate 628146 214885
4 Chad Bass The Syndicate 517454 200501
5 balrog1968 The Syndicate 992427 180619
6 JetSerb The Syndicate 649177 158139

Digital Mystikz

This is what INNO have done.I don`t know how the other players feel but i guess we will find out soon when they leave.I used 10% of my offense troops before my divine senses finished.Thank god our top attacker was busy.

Name Alliance Points ABP Gain
1 mungus1974 The Syndicate 791911 202872
2 Chilluminati The Syndicate 383908 184272
3 JetSerb The Syndicate 627882 131804
4 Leolis The Syndicate 601933 112451
5 Chad Bass The Syndicate 504702 85960

Next time i`ll use all my offense and i`ll easily make 2 millions ABP.Some of us have 50-60 tokens, you do the math.

You realize what have you done???
50 to 60 tokens is impossible, i'd like to see some proof of that.

Once you bought the max package the buffs disappeared so you couldn't buy it again.


Just a note, did anyone thought to whom was this offer offered, I wonder if any "small" players got this offer ?
I think they knew exactly whom they are offerring this boost, makes the game even more unequal !
I got that offer even tho have bought gold like year ago and in small amount.


The fact that there's a screenshot (assuming it's not photoshopped) of someone with 59 of those gold sense things in their inventory. Am I not right in saying people who received the offer should have only been able to buy it the one time?

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
I do not know. I've heard it both ways. Some people only bought the 1 package and others bought the packages multiple times leading to an accumulation of the spells. Our knowledge of the sale is that there were 2 offers randomly split between 2 groups. I know the 10% gold offer only applied to the next purchase you made within the time limit. The heightened senses offer is where we know less. I do not know for sure how that one worked.


So now we have a situation where not only were there two random offers, but now some people were randomly able to buy it multiple times and others were not? Hahaha. I received the offer on the world I play and since I was waiting for an offer to buy I purchased the gold. The 10 x gold things will just sit in my inventory, I won't be using them just so I can contribute to a ridiculous and frankly unnecessary imbalance on my server, that's already reflected with virtual grep nobodies suddenly zooming up both the ABP and DBP rankings, almost certainly because they're so inept all they can find to do with those tokens is kill off their own troops. Please pass on our congrats to the powers that be on making the disparity between the haves and have nots on this game even worse than it initially seemed.


How is not important, here is 100 millions BP image.No photoshop i can show you 58 if you want, when one more is used and so on.That is not the point, the point is that is worth at least 100 millions BP, now, later a lot more.That is one player, now imagine 10 like this.Great job INNO