Documenting Sidon :: The First Olympus World


As the first Olympus world in Grepo, Sidon deserves a little more record being maintained of it's events and major happenings.

The large temple stage seems like an appropriate place to start.

[This is a placeholder for now. Will fill some bits in that i know, and i expect other players will fill in the rest or correct any errors in chronology, etc.]

[Apologies in advance to Waingro. 99.9% chance of something about this not being up to his standard :rolleyes:;)]


I've heard a bit about domination - haven't played a server yet though

honestly domination is probably the best endgame currently, main goal is for ally to have most % of cities in the world, and you get there mostly by constantly fighting, so finally some endgame where you win by actually fighting and not pushing resources into wonders and simming.


Here to say congrats to Shadow!

Anyways I like the concept of dom but I think it’s abusable due to some teams boosting and using branches to swap dom towns. The reward is weak and it’s purely for cosmetic benefits.

Olympus is bad but if they fixed spelling temples and maybe added more portals then it could easily be good. The reward is probably the best of the rewards though so it’s probably a requirement to play/win once.


Dom sucks. It should work but too many teams still trying to hug it out like it's wonders.

Psiera is half the world in one coalition Vs the other half in another coalition with, I suspect, both groups looking to form a super team out of the best players for the win.

I hope things went down a bit better here.


I liked the speed of that world, definitely - you sign up for a 3-4 month commitment, then can either take a break or sign up for the next. Super.

I will want to do another - the banner is a bit.. unfinished :)