Domination Endgame


Hi, I was recently told that in a domination world only cities in the 4 core oceans (44,45,54,55) count.

The way I read it online is that any city counts towards domination unless it is a ghost town or a city on a rock.

Can we get some clarification?


Every world is different, the domination zone is a circle centered at the middle of the world and it's size changes based on the activity of the world. Typically it includes most of the four core oceans, excluding the furthest corners of them. Any city on an island with farming villages within the domination circle counts towards the goal, this includes founded cities and ghosts.


Grepolis Team
Thats correct.

The circle is based on a predetermined % of all the cities in the world at the start of the dom era. The game calculates the islands that are within the circle starting at the centre of the world and moving outwards. These it marks as valid. Once it reaches the % then it stops.

Rocks do not count thats correct but all other cities do when they are on an island marked as valid. It is the island designation that matters. On a valid island all cities (including ghosts) count and all anchors are available to colonise and then count.

More recent worlds it does seem to have roughly covered the 4 core oceans but based on the fact that its a circle the 4 distant corners were not included. We do not publish the % since the purpose of Dom was to encourage a fight to win and this aims to guide players to expand towards the centre.