Doomsday allaince


Looks to me like your alliance is set for doom

"We have NO PACTS or FREINDS".

Your highest point player is 3807 points? How do you intend to survive?


lol this guy tried to recruit me the other day I basically responded by wiping him out =) After asking him why I would want to join an alliance that is the same size as i am by myself.


From their profile page:

This alliance is for outlaws, rebels, gangster's, thugs.
"We have NO PACTS or FREINDS."
We only represent doomsday. If your not one of us then you are the enemy.
We have four simple rules in doomsday.
1)Protect & support members
2)Recruit new members
3)STEAL AND MURDER as much as possible
4)Have fun and enjoy doing it.
So, if you can handle the rules your in. And again this is NOT one of those SORORITY ALLIANCES you seem to find everywhere. Strictly for bad guys.

So if I join, I HAVE to have fun? and also HAVE to enjoy it?

I also NEVER recruit...

you know, I was really thinking of making the switch over, but I don't think I can handle those two rules.

Oh well, guess I'll just stay in my boring old sorority...


Not really. we like to expand are place of dominance. Why keep are shelf's contained to one or two ocean's? Cann't you see where working on taking over all ocean's.Where like a virus slowly moving everwhere

Like an inactive MRA? :cool: