DOTW #1- Is Premium the key to being a top player on Phi?

Shadows of the Sea

I personally think that premium makes people's activity go down slightly, as they have 7 building slots, so they only have to check about three times a day. I'm sure that most people with 500,000 points or more have premium, or loads of time on their hands.
Also, when a player has loads of cities, the city groups help a lot, and also the thing that lets you see all of the cities, and what you can upgrade (I've forgotten the name of it).

Also, I think that players with loads of cities quit due to lack of time, so you should get a feature of premium to keep (the city groups, and the thing I've forgotten the name of) when you get to about 50 cities.

sai sumanth

Premium is a key to a player only in the starting of the game and in later stages i dont think it is necessary when u many starting you can queue the things in senate and by using merchant u can get more resources.

But a player who is not that active cannot find any use with premium feature.all that a player can benefit from it is that he should use it wisely and he must be active enough to make use of it
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well i find merchant useful at any stage of the game . Getting 30% boost to base resources is nice and adds up at the end of 2 weeks tbh ,also makes happines more effective ;)

Also use commander in rho wich is revolt and morale - find it kinda neccesary since attacking as a bigger player is real annoying and the 20% helps ALOT LOL. Im 10th in abp wich is only ok considering the losses i have had getting there at 32k abp. I imagine the same is true with captain but i think it is only worth it when you have several navy citys and use navy very activily. 400 gold a month for one server ,maybe 600 after several months and if you got lots of citys should be used and only if your a active and aggressive person and probably it would be best to use the 20% only during wartimes aswell if you wanna be cheap but not so cheap to get every advantage out there.

I ignore admin and priestess since i prefer getting high temple in my citys . And i agree that admin helps at start and maybe later aswell if you got many citys and want to develop them better fastly - it becomes annoying to keep your queue going with only 2 slots if the city needs like 20 of each mine lvls and so on tbh - but if its only one city then i just say pay attention - hell even two or three like that are managable if you dont plan to conquer other small ones - but if you do subpar conquests and dont nolife then i concede the point that admin can be very useful for building up ur citys. But overall when you have maxxed or near that citys and conquer near that mostly then i think it becomes kinda obsolete to spend gold on it in lategame tbh.

I dont bother with god troops and prefer to use the spells on resource production ,troop spells and halving troop queues so i dont use priestess .

Overall i think premiums are a small but a great advantage in the game ,you can be succesful without it but your life will be alot easier if you just get premium and use it properly tbh. For start i agree that admin helps but it might make people stray from troopbuilding at start wich is very important in 2.0 fast starts lol.
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Just lurking but I wanted to say something. Sorry for my lateness into this discussion.

Jayaris' post is exceptional, but I'd just like to say/add some quick things.

Being a top player, at least in the opening weeks, is based around time management, organisation and planning. All those words have a similar meaning and that's because they play a large part in effectiveness and efficiency ingame.

Firstly, constantly having your queues full is a must. There is very little chance you can stick it out if you leave your queues empty, especially the building queue (because we're talking about rank, where it is all about pointwhoring). You can also boost your rank by building Wall, Temple, Cave and Marketplace whereas a player who bypasses these may very well conquer first. In my opinion, it is the first conquers that count more than having a lot of points in a single city.

Secondly, it isn't as simple as always having your queues full. You also have to build specific buildings and see which building plan is optimal for you (there's no right or wrong). I've experimented with many build orders and they all have varying effectivenesses.

How does this relate to Premium? Premium gives you more flexibility, room for error and breathing room. These things aren't make or break because you can still accomplish everything without Premium, especially if you're free in the opening weeks of a world and have the resources to be active.

Activity and time management are the two biggest factors in being a high ranked player. Activity allows you to maximise your resource production so you can keep all your queues (senate, barracks, harbour) as full as possible. But also managing your time is essential to getting the most out of your points.

An example:

Leaving your longer building queues for when you go offline for extended periods of time (sleep, etc). This allows you to keep your build queue busy and keep up with the competition.
The only advantage a premium player would have is the ability to queue lots of small buildings instead of one or two big buildings (flexibility/breathing space).

Obviously, experience also plays an active role because you need to know what buildings to build. Activity is undoubtedly a factor as well because you can increase your resource production. If you're not as active you can still keep up with buildings but a player who does the exact same but farms more will be able to get to conquer first because they'll be building troops alongside their buildings.

All in all, premium can be beneficial or it can make no difference. It depends on the player and what they require to manage their time and play efficiently.

Grepolis isn't just about how many times you can click demand every 5 minutes, it is about strict and intelligent planning around your daily routines and life commitments.

Last thing, I have been in the top ranks both as a premium player (although I don't use it extensively, I mostly do Admin and sometimes Merchant for kicks) and as a non-premium player. In one instance when I was not using premium, I still was able to get into the Top 5, even after having real life issues that took me out of the competition for a day or two.

That is pure evidence that you don't need Premium to be a top ranked player. There are so many other factors (I've only touched on some of them) that determine one's performance in the game. This is purely talking about points, but you're not going to be top ranked player for a long time if you don't have any BP for your third city. Also, obviously, if you spend enough gold you're going to be miles ahead of the pack if you're cutting down every build time in half or a quarter.


Great rundown on the strategy involving Premium and Non-Premium Asth(+rep).


Fundamentally it's a war game and the the objective is to eliminate everyone else in order to win since there is only so many players you can eliminate on your own, you do it in teams because once your alliance defeats another you are taking down almost every player in that alliance because even if they survive the war and jump to another alliance you already have them feeling depleted and it's only a matter of time before they quit.

So in my expert opinion, the top players are the team players that make up those teams, so premium isn't the key to being a top player, attitude, understanding and dedication is. To break in to the top 12, top 24, top 100 or where ever that line is drawn that segregates the top from the bottom in the early stages you do need premium but leading the way in the early stages doesn't necessarily mean you are a top player.

Preimium might put you here at this stage....

but it won't get you here when all is said and done...

Now I am not saying the players in the first screenshot aint top players, coz OKCAdonis and socrates34 being in both proves that isn't the case just saying va va voom is cool but cool isn't always va va voom.

Premium will help you excel in this game as much as a bubbly personality will. Using premium no doubt provides those using it a distinct advantage, especially early on but the real advantage is being in good aggressive alliance.

Personally having admin allows me to get more done with less time and having commander helps quite abit because 20% is a lot of advantage to have but I could do without the rest. High Priestess I almost never activate, I only had it on to make manticore nuke which I killed off yesterday because it was just sitting there not earning BP :supermad: and with a favour cap of only 500 I find it's constantly overflowing. Having maxed out mines and a merchant means that constantly overflowing too, so :rolleyes: I have to move resources around all the time and that's means more get lost in transition because if I am not their to greet it when hits shore it will hit a full warehouse so 30% advantage is not something I really get to enjoy. Commander or not you can't beat on hoplites with horses so it's not really advantage if you are too lazy to wait for spy reports like me.

I will say if you don't use premium and still have need to be high on the ranks make sure

(1.) you get yourself in a good alliance,

(2.) when it comes to conquering you hold out for big cities (10k+) coz demolishing buildings doesn't cost resources building them up does. Having cities that already have mines that are pumping out the maxium amount of resources always helps.

(3.) Build nukes, don't be lazy and starting adding hoplites to your slinger nuke.

(4.) Protect your farms, don't let your teammates conquer your farms that you raid everyday.

(5.) Find aggressive inactive enemies on grepostats and kill their horses.

last but not least be patient bide your time lot of players that use gold quit by the time the 5-6 cities stage comes around because they find themselves spending too much time on the game, spending too much money on the game or aint doing as well they would like inspite of using all that time and money so they quit to join another server or all together.
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My opinion is that perimium is key to being on top in the first week or so after that its verry little help because you dont need the extra building space as much and if you have your senet running 24/7 theres no need for cutting down the time


No. Premium helps, but having no life outside Greoplis and having a mom that brings you meals and takes away your poo bucket, not having any other social contact or even remembering what daylight looks like allows you to become one of the top players......


No. Premium helps, but having no life outside Greoplis and having a mom that brings you meals and takes away your poo bucket, not having any other social contact or even remembering what daylight looks like allows you to become one of the top players......
lol. spoken like someone who has never been at the top. the only time i spend more than 15 consecutive minutes playing grepo is when i'm farming for the day. that is not to say i don't log in several times a day to see what is going on but all of those sessions tend to be brief.

time management is the key. if you play 24/7 it is not only unnecessary it will burn you out and you'll quit.


I've never used premium and hit number one ranking once upon a time, albeit I couldn't hold it for too long. So no I don't think it is necessary, especially if you are already very active. It definitely helps if you are less active, but then if that's the case you may struggle to get to the top anyway.


Eh premiums ok but I go without it as you can tell by my amazing high score :p


If you specifically invited him then yes you are entitled for some premium.

200 Gold is correct.